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tang! (onemoreday) wrote,
@ 2006-06-23 21:11:00
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    Best / Worst Art History Joke of All Time

    Baroque (adj.):
    When you are out of Monet.

    beach week wise, we satyed in sleepy little rehobeth, walked around the neat little shops, and simon got kinda sick (well his eye did anyways) half way through.
    Simon now has glasses! and we'll be cutting his hair soon so revel in it while you still can : P
    is it creepy for me to want to keep a small lock? Probably. Not as creepy as wanting to keep it all and knit it, but still kinda creepy. No shrines, voo doo dolls or magic spells, I promise.

    I have seen SPAMALOT (thank you again SO MUCH, teeney) and it is AMAZING.

    NOW I can stop using caps lock WAY TOO OFTEN.

    yay spamalot! soo funny. So funny,i bought a shirt.

    i went to my summer orientation with my cousins Ann and Kelley. I bet they were bored. I met a few interesting people. It was fun, I'll try to be an Orientation Leader next year. I don't know if FYSAE will get in the way of OL training, they told me the semester there starts later and ends later than ours does. they said I'd have like a month long winter break, but now I found out Arcadia has about a month long winter break anyways. So I guess it's not much different?
    Oh, well I looked up the semester dates at the University of Stirling, which says:
    Start of semester-Monday 12 February 2007
    Start of teaching-Thursday 15 February 2007
    Mid-semester break-Monday 2 April 2007
    Teaching resumes-Monday 9 April 2007
    End of semester-Saturday 2 June 2007

    Final Exams for Arcadia are Dec. 12-19.
    So, even counting the extra time we use in London (stirling and london kids go to london together for about a week) and any time they give us to "settle in", plus going up to PA and the UK, i've got a two month winter break!?! what am I going to do with that? 0-0 I asked if I would be able to stay on the campus and they said they weren't sure, since my room would most likely be taken by a FYSAE student returning from the fall semester.

    I talked about being asian to one out of the two asian guys there (who, with me, made up the entire asian population there). We talked about how Philipino people are just SO phillipino and how Asian people understand how un-asian they are. :P Then we went (got lost on our way to) UPenn, which is an entire DISTRICT of Phila. (philly sounds funny to me). A rather LARGE district. Pretty much its OWN CITY. UNIVERSITY CITY. so large I HAD to use caps lock ALL OVER AGAIN.
    just whe you thought I was FINALLY done.

    We wandered among the Wharton School of Business, the very expensive, very competetive, very hard to get into school of Penn that Ann would very much like to get into. And somehow afford.
    Good luck to her! Penn seems like an awesome place. The Wharton School was very elegant, very clean, Lots of Asian people there.

    Tomorrow I am hopefully going camping with my loverly Krista and Diana.

    good health and all,

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