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Jenna Foley (one_hot_prep) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 21:18:00
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    bad luck
    Recently I've had a string of real bad luck. During cheer practice my chest wraps came off and threw me off balance and I totally wiped out breaking all of my nails( this happened like a week ago). My nail guy is a hottie so that kind of cheered me up. He not soft like the other guys he's half indian with a hard bod I've got the major hots for him but I'm jailbait. I got into a fight and the other girl totally tried to rip my earring out, she didn't manage to do that but she manage to hurt my ear an awful lot. I shoved her face in the dirt and her friend tried to kick me but I scratched her all the way down her leg. My hormones are raging and thats not good but I've managed to be a good girl.

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2003-12-21 15:59 (link)
according to your profile you are 18...making you not a minor...which would not make you jailbait. You are also an idiot...what kind of fall could possibly enable you to break all of your nails?

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Re: dumbass
2003-12-31 22:15 (link)
Do I really have to tell you? " During cheer practice" if you can't put two and two together there's no use spelling it out to you, you ditz. I'm 16 and a half, you have to be 18 to join this site... can you figure that out?

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Re: dumbass
2004-01-03 04:35 (link)
allow me to rephrase... What kind of fall during 'cheer practice' could enable you to break ALL of your nails? Were they being held on with elmers glue? And no I could not figure it out that you had to be 18 to join this site. If I had figured that out I would have had to joined the site myself and obviously since I am posting anonymously I have not joined this site. I think you have a very good imagination. You should use it for more interesting things and then write books about them, or screen plays.

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Re: dumbass
2004-01-09 23:04 (link)
Oo clever nail joke, that stung. Well retard if your nails are long enough it is very easy to break them, I go in the air during cheer practice and when you fall you tend to put your hands out and you believe what you want to believe if it quials those jealousy pains in your tummy.

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