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Kurtis (omnipotentlogic) wrote,
@ 2004-01-09 22:51:00
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    Current mood:thankful
    Current music:route 66

    Darkness falls
    Well...this evening was interesting. The day, having started as a complete drag proved to become an interesting tale indeed. Having had all my previous plans cancelled this evening, I found myself in a state of what seemed like it would be perpetual boredom. Having made a call to a good friend of mine, I managed to pull the night through by goin with the guys for a few rounds of pool, later to see my dad, and then to checkers. So the night began as Chris ( the friend) pulls into my driveway as the first person picked up for this excursion of doom. So we're drivin and we hit malabar ready to get on the road and start drivin when some demented @$$hole almost runs us of the road keep count of these close calls...this being numero uno. So we make it past almost being t-boned on malabar to continue to The other Chris's house (yes...there are now 2 chris's in the story) So on are way getting out of Chris's driveway a car comes into our lane and almost hits us head on. This is now known as death toll number 2. At any rate...we were all up for pool so we decide to make even teams and grab Jason...heheh..he's it's starts rainging. Chris ( the driver) has poor eye sight, his wind shield wipers don't work, and well...four guys laughin it up is really bad driving we almost die half way about 4 more times on the way there...putting us up to 4 total ya? SO we make it to the pool hall...( won by the way...Jason was on my team and he and I were sinkin shots good) So we leave there after inhaling enough second hand smoke to make rocks in the pits on our lungs and to feel the cilia burning out of our natural body filters...we pay the place and head over to my dad's house. This is where the fun begins. so it's foggy and rainy and we're goin down US1 in these conditionswhen we miss the turn to get to dads. so we turn and come out of a one way entrance...bad idea...we get back on to the road and start headin against traffic on the wrong side. we almost get hit and we switch to our lane death toll up to 5. well..after that...we miss the turn again. so we try to make a turn...but it's blocked by a chain. so we pulled up as far as possible with our rears almost of US1 traffic in the rain...we wait for the clear and speed down in reverse switch directions and finally get the turn right... after making sure Chris's car didn't reek of fear, shit, and piss. we head to the dock I learned today from father, is the home for 3 alligators, a 4 foot one, a 6 foot one, and a massive 14 foot one. we didn't see them...thank god...but we got to my dad's place ok ( my dad lives on a boat for those who don't know) so we talk a while and decide to head over to checkers. we get to checkers ok...and the rest of the night was ok other than Chris almost driving over the median on the exit to short...I almost died at leat 6 times... I lost count after a while... I've never had to pee so much, and I've decided I really have missed out on a lot in life that I need to try. Well...that was my night...I'm glad to be alive...I now believe all driving experiences are better than that. and that my the end of my freakish tale.

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2004-01-09 23:52 (link)
Kurtis, don't worry me so! Be safe and stay intact for me, ok?


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Hey there Kurt
2004-01-10 21:58 (link)
Whats up? This is Brandi... if you couldn't tell. I didn't read your journal.. well I read half of it and became to ADD to finish... it sounded scarey though... just saying hi...

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2011-09-26 10:51 (link)
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