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Kurtis (omnipotentlogic) wrote,
@ 2004-01-25 21:42:00
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    Current mood:hopeful
    Current music:Transiberian Orchestra- Sabre Dance

    Tomorrow is the big day. The day I take my drving test. Will I pass or fail? Such a simplistic test to most, it'd be a shame to my name to fail it. Not going to school tomorrow. earning the ultimate freedom of driving. Hopefully mom will let me use the cool van when and if I start driving. Swim practice tomorrow...I suppose I'm going. Things aside from driving are on my mind right now though. Tough to say them openly so I won't heheh. Failed to burn the Gamecube this weekend...but I'm confident it'll be toasted by the end of Speaking of Febuary a few important dates are coming up. St. Valentine's day is almost here...thank god it's on a weekend. I hate always being single on that day, I feel so lonely it sickens me. inevitably though...people will celebrate it on friday so I won't be without my single's awareness day. Looks like Leah's b-day is coming up...not sure what I'm gonna get her as of yet. but I'll think of somethign snazzy ya? I also have a big tournament comin up for karate...hope I don't mess anything up. Sensei's relying a lot on me this year it seems. Then I also have rank review that same month, and goodness...with all this stuff I still have more personal thoughts to myself..heheh. Had fun playin pool this weekend..I made a few good/lucky a couple of games. ^_^ Made some new friends this weekend...thats always good. It's great that I finally have someone to talk to on the bus...too bad I'll be driving by Life's full of retarded coinscidences ain't it?

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