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Tito (omegamatrix) wrote,
@ 2004-05-04 23:44:00
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    some people don't know what they have. And some people don't know what they could have. Some people don't know what they don't have. And some people don't know that they can't have somethings. I know what I can't have. But I don't know what I want. I know who I want to be. But I don't know what I am. I can't tell if what other people say will last forever, or if it will end tomorrow. I can tell if what I say will end tomorrow. So here I am. Not ranting, not spewing, not having fun. Not going over my day. Or talking smack about the government. I am not listening to anything or talking to anyone or thinking about anything else except what I am thinking about. Obviously. So is it wrong to think about this? when it means nothing to someone else that you are thinking about them? Is it stupid? Or is it simply stupid to assume that what you think doesn't count. Or is it equally stupid to think that what you think does count. why would it count? why not? so I guess this whole discussion is futile. But now I am kinda having fun. If there is someone who you don't know. And you don't think they could ever actually care about you, is it a waste of your time to care about them? what if you want to know someone, but you can't see it happening like that. What if silence is the only way to communicate and yet nothing is ever said? What if I trust someone with my life, and they let me die? Is it my fault for trusting them? Or their fault for not being as trustworthy as I thought? And then if I DO die, and they don't care is it because I am unworthy of their caring or are they the ones who don't know what the hell they are missing? And lastly. If you hurt because you did something that you don't regret, is it worse because you don't regret it?

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2004-05-05 20:43 (link)
If you trust someone with your life and they let you die its your fault...because perhaps it was a responsiblility that they were not capable of shouldering...or they just didn't want the burden of another life than theirs...selfish bastards.

You only live if silence is commuincation let the sounds of silence reign, but don't be afraid to talk...the worst that could happen is that there would still be the silence eh?

No, never have regrets. If you did something wrong...its done. Can't really be changed now, can it? Negative gold just blow up the fucking death star and move on with your life. ;) ((gotta have the obligatory SW quote from Lee Ann for good measures))

Sorry if you didn't want a reply...I gave you one...and I hope it makes sense...You asked questions most likely not expecting answers except from your own self conscious...but now you have the wisdom (ha) of moi.

Keep it real chica.
-Lee Ann

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