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Tito (omegamatrix) wrote,
@ 2004-04-08 16:52:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:Yu. Gi. Oh.

    Short. Sweet.
    Today. Was. Good. Conference. World. Affairs. Listened. To. Ebert. On. Tuesday. Saw. Tim. (Right?). Long. From. The Simpsons. Was. Awesome. Yu.Gi.Oh.Is. On. It. Is. Lame. But. Alex. And. I. Are. Both. Watching. It. Hmm. Funny. Yu. Gi. Moto. I. Have. To. Go. To. Jujitsu. Later. Will. Write. More. Afterwards. Birthday. In. 4. Days. I. Am. Excited. Kaiba. Is. A. Badass. And. Pegasus. Sounds. Like. David. Hayter. But. So. Does. Kaiba. Kinda. Later. My. Friends. Nez.

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2004-04-08 20:44 (link)
You are now on my friends list.
You need to update more.
Happy early birthday.
Yo Gi Oh is lame.
Kill Bill Two will rock.

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2004-04-08 20:48 (link)
Yu. Gi. Oh. Is. More. Homosexual. Than. A. Certain. Friend. Of. Ours. Whose. Middle. Name. Is. Prentiss. And. Whose. Last. Name. Is. Brown.

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Your mama
2004-04-09 01:37 (link)
FAGGOT.....dont make fun of people who can kill you. Im at ryans right now and im only 1/4 mile from your dont try me faggot. You may be smarter than me and you're probably gonna be my boss stronger from masturbating so much and thats the way its always gonna be....and my middle name is way cooler than anthony....


Keith wrangles his sausage too hard

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2004-04-09 17:25 (link)
Bring it, *****.

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2004-04-12 02:00 (link)
teh. periods. between. teh. words. is. hella. fucking. annoying.


Anyways, I know exactly what I'm getting you for your birthday...but it will be a few days late due to the fact that a certain something doesn't hit stores until the 13th...precisely one day after your birthday. I got you something else toosa...I hope you'll like it.

Alas, my love, I miss you. You need to come back down neh!!!! Bring Alex too. ;)

-Lee Ann

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Re: gahh
2004-04-16 20:21 (link)
Du bist ein ganz besond'rer Frau!

What is this conference you speak of?

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