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Wade (omaki) wrote,
@ 2006-12-17 14:44:00
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    Letter to my secret love even though she'll probably never read it.
    I know this is very sad and pathetic, but I need to get it off my chest, and this is the best way I could think of. I will not be using her actual name any where in the letter. If she were to find out about my feeling, it could make things very awkward for the both of us. Well, here it goes:

    Dear NyJoy,

    This may come as a bit of a surprise, I'm not sure how much I have given away, but I am in love with you. It would probably be best if I don't tell you how long I have felt that way, because I'm not sure my self, but it has been a while. I think I first realized it when I was reminiscing about something funny that had happened while I was walking with you one day, and thinking to myself, "She's very evil, but I still love her." Up until then, I wasn't sure what my feelings toward you were. You are one of the easiest people to talk to that I know, and when I am talking to you, I am able to come up with things to talk about most of the time. I actually tell you more than I do anybody else, even though some of those things I should have kept to myself. It's good that we've never had the conversation that I dreamed we had this morning. You are also very kind to me and everybody else. You make me laugh and smile during the entire time I am around you, and whenever I'm having a bad day, if I get to talk to you, it suddenly becomes a great day. I know you probably won't ever feel the same way about me, and there's a good chance that you won't ever even read this letter, but I had let my feelings be known. I love you.


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2006-12-19 07:35 (link)
aww!!! that's adoreable!! ^.^!

love gives me the warm f00zies, if only because i gave up on it.

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2006-12-19 11:53 (link)
There's one problem with text messages that has always bothered me, and it's that it is almost impossible to tell whether or not someone is being sarcastic.

In all seriousness, you shouldn't give up on love, you just shouldn't go around looking for it.

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2006-12-20 05:52 (link)
eh, i'm pretty sure i can live better off without it.

PS: that message was non-sarcastic in its entirity. especially the bit about the f00zies.

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2007-01-02 04:21 (link)

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2007-01-03 13:56 (link)
Happy New Year to you too! I don't know why, but the new year doesn't seem to bring me much happyness. At least this year I'm turning 21, and I think I might get a little drunk, at least on my birthday. I'm not sure what I'm going to do as far as celebrating it, but you are welcome to come, whatever it may be.

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2007-01-03 17:33 (link)
sweet. happy birthday, and what not.... whenever it is.

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2007-01-04 13:34 (link)
it's on Feb. 15. You want to know something sad, I don't know how to spell the name of the month I was born in, but I use to.

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