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Ana (oktobergoth2) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 05:20:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Jack off Jill, Tatu, ICP...

    * I'm so confused *
    Hey guys...well, today Chrissy and Asay and Kayla all had an argument today at lunch...I told them that I was going ot stay out of it because last night I spent about an hour crying because Grayson told me to "get out of his damn life..." IDK if he meant it or really hurt me. I hope that him and Kayla will be happy, well, until she breaks up with him in a week or so, I hope that he is happy with me being out of his life and I care about and love him so much, I dont see how he could do this to me! I never cared about anyone so much! And the worst part is, is that he acts like nothing ever happened! He does that all the time. I will always care about Grayson, IDk how many other people can say that and mean like I do, he doesnt appreciate it at all...I wanted him back for the longest time and when we became friends it became even harder for me to just look at him every day...I miss him so much, but, he doesnt want me to care about him anymore, I guess this is what he really wants...But, I will always care for him no matter what. His little girlfriend is really pissing all of us off too! She keeps threatening a fight but, when we confront her about it, she lies n said she never said that...I cant stand her! Well, I am going to go now... I miss you Grayson, so much, why cant you see that you are hurting me, and that I care for you so much, I would do so much for you... too bad you cant see that... because yesterday you hurt me more than you could know.

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2004-01-28 20:10 (link)
I totally understand what you're going through!

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