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-A-shley (oixphuckxoff) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 15:00:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:distillers - hall of mirrors

    jack is such an asshole. i was on the phone with my dad, and he walks in. and he was asking me to sign something for him from ups. yeah, fine. whatever. so then hes like 'who ya talkin to, your mother?' i said no my dad and he goes "figures.. your dad" im like yeah.. and then he goes yeah i keep my personal feelings to myself. so i said good. and then he fucking says 'scumbag' under his breath. that fucking pissed me off.. so i got off the phone with dad and he asked for the phone so i threw it at him and then when i was walking upstairs i made a point to say scumbag so he could hear me. i don't get him. he's so nice one day, and then he's a dick every other fucking day. i hope he has a fucking seizure combined with a heart attack and drops dead on my feet. so i can kick him in the head, and open the stupid fucking scar on his head from shooting himself. asshole.. anyway, today sucked. i wasn't in a bad mood. but everyone else was. poor dana vomited in the bathroom. and idk what was wrong with dear katie. we hardly spoke at all today.. but as usual "nothings wrong" haha. im listening to 3 songs off of coral fang -the distillers-. theres a cool media player thing. one of the songs "the hunger" isn't really hittin the spot. but i still love my wife, nonetheless. =) saw seth tday, he smiled. word. everything is going as planned. muahahah. saw mike too. its so weird how everytime i see him he just looks at me. he can be like looking at the floor and then magically he'll put his head up and look directly at me.. its weird. i like it. =P hahah.. yeah but my study last period sucks, cause i never have homework by then. and dana's in there, but hathaway wants us to be quiet. oh well i guess. i have graphix tomorrow. good times. we have to do this comprehensive layout, but its gonna be stupid because we have to find the right fonts to use. like the paper gives us descriptions.. and we have to go find the right fonts, theres like 6 of em. i hope he lets us work on that, and that stupid design principles thing. since i didnt start it cause i suck *laughs*

    horoscope for today:
    A group objective could be hard to agree on now. You clear the air by starting all over again and letting everyone have their say. Info you get tonight from a relative, neighbor or the Web perks you up.

    i wonder what info that will be. interesting. my horoscope says tomorrow is supposed to be a good day, well.. i guess we'll see. i'm such an astrology junkie. ok. now that i've rambled on about nothing forever.. i'll stop.

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2003-09-18 16:18 (link)
jacks just like the rest of the human population -- an asshole.

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2003-09-19 14:57 (link)

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