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-A-shley (oixphuckxoff) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 06:48:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:tracy chapman - give me one good reason

    what's wrong with me?
    i've been in the worst mood ever for the past full week.. that honestly never happens. the scary thing is, i really have no reason to feel like this. oh well, i'm just a fuck up. no surprise. i went over my dad's this weekend. that place is hell. its the most boring place ive ever been to in my fucking life. not to mention my dads an asshole. only in the aspect that hes addicted to those stupid fucking pills. whatever.. im waiting for him to come pick me up so i can go to school. woopdefuckingdo. school has just been getting on my nerves, once again for no reason. i dont think ive handed anything in in the past week either. i just need to have some fun, i was thinking yesterday.. i think the only thing that would make me feel better is another rebels show hahah. seriously though.. i dont know, november is full of shows. hopefully everything will improve eh. i got the spitalfield totf show on friday.. wowzas.. yeah, should be fun with dana. we'll see, its on halloween. your supposed to dress up, i think im just gonna be myself. im scary enough. haha.. my rooms a mess dude, remind me not to let anyone come over this week eh. i need my alone time. haha. paul said the doa show was on the 14.. i think we already have a show that day.. how that slipped my mind, i have no idea. but OH WELL that still amuses me *laughs some more* so today i get to see kate's "fabulous new haircut".. we'll see.. my hands are at your throat and i think i hate you so im looking forward to spending 160 minutes reading my snazzy new book. i wonder if im gonna get bitched at for not handing in an essay and not taking an algebra quiz. probably, too bad i dont give a fuck. ha ha. this time change thing is kinda nice in the morning, cause im more awake by the time im goin ta school. even though i slept an extra hour this morning anyway. HAULASS HYENA *dies laughing* i sure do adore this song. gee, how long have i been rambling on now? my hair is fading uglily. i'll have to have kate redye it sometime early novemba. *sigh* i have to go now =( later

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2003-10-30 18:05 (link)
dont worry beeeeeee happy

<3 katie

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2003-11-02 11:29 (link)
and patties my new best friend. ;)

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