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s.michelle (ohlalalust) wrote,
@ 2009-10-13 00:34:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:intervention

    the things i do...
    i do because i love you. not because it's convenient, not because you want it, not because you need it even. i don't understand your doubts about me. i do everything out of pure, undying love for you. so is that hard to accept? why do you have to talk shit and run your mouth about me? dude, i'm standing right outside your door don't act like i don't hear you... i hear everything -- & i don't necessarily mean physically. and the wool you seem to think you have pulled over my eyes?... is more like saran wrap. i see right through it, i see right through you... people are sheets of glass. some thin, some thick.. some you have to punch a little harder to break.

    i seem to have fallen weak to the inevitable facts of friendship and companionship. or maybe i just think it's funny as hell to let you think what you think about me.. gives me something to laugh about that only i understand. hell, even you don't understand why you have to run your dicksucker... you just do it to make yourself look and feel better. don't think i would ever try to fuck you over because i wouldn't even if i wanted to -- these are the words of a true karma believer. what goes around comes back around three fold. what i do of spite today will be regretted eventually. and i avoid that at all cost. && no.. i'm not perfect &&& no i don't make a lot of sense all the time... but i try to be the best person i possibly can be. for God, for you, and for props when i deserve it. in the meantime, just think about yourself and your abilities as a person.. to influence or to make them turn the other cheek.. or to make them realize that they NEVER want to turn out like you. i'm tired of the shitty end. these feelings make me want a beer... or 10.

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