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Sexual anesthetic (oh_my) wrote,
@ 2004-04-12 00:23:00
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    Today I ate:
    far too much chocolate
    more chocolate
    cream soda

    msn-a picture is worth a thousand words but not worth the words I need to hear I miss you so much it hurts

    This year for easter I asked my mum for full body moisturiser and underwear. She got me the following:
    hand cream
    a hat like Dan Daytons except imatation leather
    wife beaters
    photo album
    a spin brush for dishes (I am the dish washer, mums joke every year to get my a new sponge or something)
    Honkin On Bobo-Aerosmith
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD
    SPIN magazine (my subscription still has not come in)
    5 chap sticks
    5 things of tic tacs
    a belt
    ten tons of candy
    biore facial cleanser wipes

    I am sure I am forgetting domething but holy hell...I couldn't believe it. I was a happy girl this morning!! ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW DVD? yeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Jake was up at 7am and din't wake me up til 9am, which was kind of early for me but alright. He didn't even pick up eggs yet, he waited til I was up. Most kids would be insane and they'd all be found.
    I was up last night hiding all 56 eggs around our living room, came to the point where I was just thrwoing them on the floor cause there wa sno other places to put them.

    easter rocks.

    I actually did some good quality work on my research project today, and I am proud. I have a lot more work to do tomorrow, but I'l worry about it then.

    I am weaing my fake dan dayton hat and it's fucking hot on me if I do say so myself. I need some pins for it though...cannot take them from my belt.

    This album is so great.

    Yesterday was our family dinner, which really wasnt a dinner, more of a hodge podge lunch. They had the easter egg hunt for my little cousins. My grandma got me an easter present which was a chocolate bunny and a red t-shirt that fits like paradaise.

    Mark was there. yep.

    Before that was the easter egg hunt at Nestle where mum works and I handed out cup cakes and juice to kids I don't know. We were not there long so it wasn't too bad.

    I love my brothers cat. He's my hero even though he added three more scrtches to my wrist the other day. It looks cool.

    I want to learn how to drive asap.

    Arrive Alive my alcoholic friends.

    Stacey and I are going to buy a cow. And I am never eatng mashed potatoes or ham again becuase it makes me sick. I will also seldom cook them in my home when I leave this silly place. In fact the potatoe in general is my enemy. They are a big reason why I have the thighs I do now. I don't realy like mashed potates small portions rather far apart. I hate potatoe salad. I hate scalped potatoes. I want to throw up thinking about scalped potatoes. I like the chipped kind but even they are my enemy that tastes so so good. Bastards.

    I have my entire lifed planned out. Now it just has to happen. Like on my 40th birthday I will begin to buy one red rose on Tuesday and a white one of Friday. On Wednesday I will buy a lottery ticket. Scratch.
    Like I said to Stacey tonight, I will buy groceries by the day or week not by the month. I will shop at the smallest business' I kind find. Fruit Fruit Fruit. That's what I will eat. But when you were raised on one habit, it's hard to break it.

    And I will be too poor to do these things.

    Okay, maybe not my whole life...but certain things.
    Will I live to 40? Ha. We'll see.

    I just do not want to end up like those K-Mart shopping mother who stil have their pregnacy weight on and are wearing sweat suits from twenty years ago and their mothers hand me downs cause they just don't care. I don't want to be like that.


    fuck. It's easier to just die.

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2004-04-12 07:47 (link)
ohh, sounds like you had a nice easter...

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