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hannahbanana (oh_look_pie) wrote,
@ 2004-11-01 11:59:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:rancid - the way i feel about you

    ho hum, researchin' mental crap
    so, yea. weekend rocked.

    friday: got centipede onto computer (BOOYAH) and played for quite awhile. i'm up to where i was before i moved. me and evie went to see shark tale (i pimped yo' hide, yo!) and mommy saw the grudge. which she said scared the shit out of her. which is damn right. sarah had a sleepover with all her little what-now-biznatch friends.. woohoo... and was rendered hostage on saturday morning.

    saturday: and have been cartoon-deprived for god knows how long. went to see the nightmare before christmas in the clinton, which was awesome. it's fifteen times better on the big screen. went with owen, louie, vi, sarah and evie. mom went to a party. (by the way, she keeps insisting she doesn't want a relationship with this dude she's seeing. then why the hell would she go to his family's birthday party, tell me?? i know why. sarah does too, she said she overheard mom telling a.s. about it. damn her. so owen and louie slept over, and it was like i was ten again. it was so great, i can't even begin to explain. we stayed up late, watched snl (although i don't remember any of it), i played centipede and screamed at the computer 'til kingdom come. we drank too much soda. we watched edward scissorhands. sarah went to bed early and watched the parent trap in her room (loser).

    sunday: HALLOWEEN! went to hosford with owen and louie in the morning. hung out, talked about shit, was good clean fun. a.s. came to pick them up - they were gonna hang out with will, a.s. 'n' mom 'n' erin's stepbrother, whom i have met about twice and don't remember. i'd like to meet him, just as i'd have liked to have known grampa dick. but hey, if it isn't gonna happen, it isn't gonna happen. went trick or treating with (let's see if i can remember), vinnie, vi, owen, louie, matilda, caitlin, tiernan and that's it i think. it was cool. i got a lot of candy. then we were gonna watch dawn of the dead and we had to leave before i could see alex zane in zombie drag running through the mall trying to kill sarah polley. sniff.

    that's about it. the only defining feature of today is that i'm on a slight sugar high, i'm starving, and i'm making myself give up on (hope no one's reading over my shoulder) jake/jacob.


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