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Joseph (ogreman) wrote,
@ 2004-03-05 17:09:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Time of Your Life - Greenday

    And I feel fine....
    Well today went alot better than i had thought it would. My mouth hasnt bothered me at all and i was able to get up and work in the bathroom without any problem. i even stopped by my work and talked to my boss......the position that i am working in as a temp has just opened up for a full time employee to take over so on monday i am going to go talk to jamie and see if i can get the job. I have a really good chance at getting it considering that i have been doing it for the last three months, but i still have to go through all of the official channels if i want to get the job which means an interview and filling out the application....all that fun stuff. so yeah today i ripped out our counter in the bathroom. it was a pain in the butt unconnecting all of the pipes to the sink but once i got that done is was just a problem with trying to get the cabinets out the door. at the moment we have stripped out all of the linoleum but the stupid adhesive is still there. it is soaking in the adhesive remover that smells really strongly and it was making me sick so i had to take a break. but yeah the toilet has been taken out all of the linoleum, and the cabinets with the sink. tomorrow i think that we are going to put the new stuff in.....its going to be smaller so that we will have some more room plus the mirror instead of being a huge slab of glass on the wall will open uo so we can store stuff in it. look at me im rambling. i guess ill write more tomorrow depending on how my day goes. ohh i almos forgot. my grandparents and i have talked it over and before my 21st birthday i am going to go see and ent doctor (eyes, nose, throat). if they confirm that i have a deviated septum then we are going to set up a date for surgery and once i am healed i will finally be able to breath like everyone else and i wont snore anymore (hopefully). ill be normal finally!! heres hoping.

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2004-03-06 03:31 (link)
Baby, you know I love you, but if I ever see you talk about a deviated septum again, I will slap you.... I just got done eating and I'm so grossed out now...... BTW, I'm glad you are feeling better! I will talk to you later! MUAH!

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