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Joseph (ogreman) wrote,
@ 2004-02-18 10:24:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Highway - Audioslave

    Well its been a short while since ive updated. first off i would like to say that i hope everyone had a good valentines day. second i finally know when im going to get my wisdom teeth taken out. my appointment is thursday march 4th at 1030 am. my sister will finally be able to get her revenge and laugh at me. they said that the bottom one is the only 1 that is going to cause me any real pain. the top 2 they should pretty much be able to break and take out immediatly. the two that are impacted have small systs around them and he said that that was normal for impacted wisdom teeth, and that they will come out with the teeth. so yeah anyway im nervous plus if i didnt have insurance i would have to pay about 1300 bucks. as it is i have to pay 200 for my co-pay. man this next month im just loaded with dentist appointments. first wisdom teeth, then cavity fill, then finally, i am getting a crown put on a tooth that got screwed up when i got hit in the mouth by a swing at the age of 6. so anyway i gotta go but now everyone knows. gross isnt it lol. adios.

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2004-02-18 14:24 (link)
pulling your wsidom teeth is no sweat! hehe
actually i wouldnt know.. i still have mine...
hmm i wonder if your going to fal victim to losing your wisdom with those teeth..
(it be a good chance to act like an ass, and blame your missing teeth!!)
well its an idea at least hehe

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