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j05h (offroadking) wrote,
@ 2004-04-09 19:12:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:cheal muzak usic

    tired as shit
    man i am so freaking tired....i want to go to sleep. my eyelids are real heavy right now. i am at work and i am alone. so what i did was post this entry. sleep is what i need right now. there is nothing to do.

    today i went to red lobster it was good mmmm.....i finished my scrimp real fast. nappi was supposed to go with me but when i called him he wasn't home or something so i was all screw it. my moms went to go buy me GTA vice city. i want to play it already but i am going to go to sleep. i want and Ngage or a Game boy one of the two when i have nothing ot do i can play video games oh well time will tell what i get.

    i wonder how oso and chris are doing? i read oso's journal all the time but that means i have to get a live journal to post on his or some bs but screw it. he is real crazy.

    sleep. mr funs tommmrorow that is going to be fun.

    school is almost over i wish it already was it really sucks but it is so much better than high school. i dont understand why the teacher in elementary and high school prepare us so much for college and when we get there it is nothing like what the teachers said. the school doesnt look at how many refferals you get or how many times you were late for class. i think it is real dumb.

    i am giong to go to the summer share. i decide on it today after i talked it over with my mother and she said yea why not. it will be way to bond with the brothers before most of us leave again in the fall. also the beach is grand. it is real badass i like being outside and feeling the wind hit my face and smell the fresh air.

    oh well too much typing give you carpultunnel or however you spell that diease you get when you type to much....


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2004-04-10 14:14 (link)
happy valentines day~!

i heart you,


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