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j05h (offroadking) wrote,
@ 2004-04-07 07:30:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:simple plan: i'd do anything

    school and work
    i wish i can register for next fall all ready. damn i can't wait to go up there.

    well for now i am here and enjoying every last minute of it. i am giong to have to quit my job so i can get ready to go up to SA. i know that it sucks cuz i am going to need money but i have saved up enough to pay for my truck for two months and that is good. this means i can quit two months before i leave but i am going to quit three months before because i am not happy. to tell the truth i am not happy at where i work. that is one of the main reasons i am giong to quit. i am not happy and most people say do what makes you happy and this is not making me happy. it is to demanding. i dont have time to see my moms, i dont have time for my family, i hardly have any time for my girlfriend that is what angers me the most. i go to school and straight to work....then by the time i get home my mom is already in bed and it is to late to go out with my girlfriend. so it is really taking up time and not letting me do things i want.

    "the day you told me you loved me was
    the day the world stopped for you and me.
    i love you. three little words that changed my life."


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