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j05h (offroadking) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 23:07:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:dj alligator: turn up the music

    no matter what happens.....
    man since i mentioned that i might be moving it is like the shite has hit the fan!

    but oh well. i am pretty sure i will miss my friends but oh well. like zar say live it up. and that is what i want to do i want to live it up also. but i want to do it where there is more things to do. but i dont know i finally got some words of encoragement from louie that guy rocks. i love him. he was the first one to tell me to move, to actually do it.
    but either way the only thing i would miss is SOME of the friends i have here. well espically my BESTS BEST FRIEND ZARZILLA! man i have know that guy for the longest time and i know that i will miss him. i know that for sure. everything may change but i know i will stay in contact with CERTAIN people. and dont get me wrong i will miss the valley but....many people have told me once you experience any place outside of the valley you actually notice how plain and how underdevloped the valley is. this next coming year is SA what about in a couple of years it maybe out of the state, then out of the country. just to travel would be the best thing ever, i want to see things i have never seen before, and experience things. basically live life to the fullest, i think this is one step closer to actually achieving that goal.
    and by the way i will not do an aaron and leave and not ever think about the people i know. that is just mean.

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2004-03-02 15:04 (link)
you know that i didn't mean to make fun of you since your leaving. on the contrary, if you really want to move and get out of here go for it. don't make the mistake i did by staying here when i had the opportunity to leave the valley. yeah i'll miss you and all but i know that you'll be doing better out of here and since you really want to move i know you'll be happy. but you promised you wouldn't pull an aaron and forget about us, so you better not break that promise or else. besides, like you said....i'll be closer to rey than what i am now, right? j/k

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2004-03-03 13:49 (link)
i may be getting an apartment. depending on FASFA (sp?). party at my house. if not, we have a party house. real frat style man. c'mon over.

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2004-03-03 19:34 (link)
fuck yea you know it! now my moms dont want me to go but i am giong to go either way. i am determine(sp?) to go. even if it means death.

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