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j05h (offroadking) wrote,
@ 2004-01-14 20:53:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:muzak

    Friendship what a great thing. friends are great they are there to help you out and they are there to help you when you are down. well when you have REAL friends not fake ones. by real i mean a person that will be there for you when you need them, a person that is there when you get in trouble. like that saying "a friend will bail you out of jail but a REAL friend will be sitting right next to you in jail." now that is some funny shite. friend ship a great thing. i may have alot of friends but REAL friends maybe just a couple. this reminds me of something that happened to my cousin when he went to mexico.....

    a couple of his friends, his girl and him went to reynosa to go party, dance and drink. well come to find out some guys were loooking at his girl and were like trying to get her to go with them somewhere. so they leave the club and they find the same guys that were trying to mess with his girl outside my cuz aint no little guy so he was like whats up with that. so they talk their shite and what ends up happening is that those guys which were about six of them started a fight with my cousin. my cuz didnt roll into the club alone he rolled up like six deep, but when the fight broke out all the guys he was with jet! supposedly they went to go get help. go get help?!?!? in fuckin mex??? where were they gunna get help? my cousin got beat to bloodly hell. man they really fucked him up. now if those guys were REAL friends they would have stayed to help out my cousin but they weren't they were shit. thank god they didnt do anything to his girlfriend i.e. beat her up, kidnap her, rape. but that is what i think of when the word friendship is mentioned.

    now if you will call me a friend i need to know that you will be there for me whenever i need you. like i said i have lots of friends but a select few are REAL friends.

    keep on Truckin FRIEND!!


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2004-01-14 23:15 (link)
maaaan...if a fight breaks out...i'll be the first one to punch you directly in the face!! LOL. no just fucking wit yah. I may not be the strongest/biggest/smartest guy in the world...but i am the loneliest. sooo...if a fight breaks out for whatever reason friend...i'll take out all of my stored anger on them.

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2004-01-15 20:39 (link)
man you are the best!

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2004-01-15 23:08 (link)
and if i have to go to the restroom...i'll pee on their face.

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