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j05h (offroadking) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 19:13:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:some trance channel from muzak

    much ado about nothing
    well i began my new schedule at work 4-9! no more 100 hour paychecks not even close to 80 back to good old part timer! i finally saw james. man is that guy gross or what? naw he is a really good friend of mine i love that man like a brother but more in a homosexual way to be exact. oh well since like it has been a month since i posted there is much to say. my co-workers and my boss have noticed a change in my work habbits and my work ethics. it was great seeing james we are going to hang out later. he joined my mother and i for lunch. and tommorrow we are going to go eat chinese. NyES! we had alot to talk about, how he drinks alot how he drives around calling people sluts and calling prostutes prosties. man what fun! ummmm.... the move went well it was fun i got sick. i got a stomach virus i was puking all through my freaking finals. oh yea finals came around and left, i got one A one B and two C's. boo for that my GPA is like at a 2.7 something. i saw an old friend she is going to SMU she says its cool up there and she cant wait to go back. man all this people that are coming back down make moving away sound sooo good. but i dont know all of them say that they are also homesick. i wouldnt mind moving away but also i would miss moms. she has been there through everything for me and with me. i love DDR max! and i will conclude with see you and keep on trucking!


    keep on trucking!

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2003-12-24 12:12 (link)
eat a dizzle for all the non believers. jou dead foo.

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2003-12-24 13:18 (link)
you blow punto com.

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