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j05h (offroadking) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 21:59:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:total silence

    everything blows
    well everything blows. my life sucks, the only thing that is great in my life is my girlfriend. my family, which is my mother and i are not doing good. we are sort of in some problems, with my dad and us. my dad blows. yea he said he was going to pay for my tuck and he hasnt he said he was going to help me out with the truck payment he isnt. so that is blowing ass. i cant ever save money also. man i want to look for another job so i can make more moneys. but i am phisically drained i cant do shite anymore because i dont have any energy. i am so tired i dont even want to sleep. correction i dont have time to sleep i believe i will be fine but i need more moneys. but that is what everything revlolves around money. in the show rich girls one of the bitches said moeny cant buy happiness well she blows if i had her money shite i would be so fucking happy. only spoiled rich peopel say that and also people who dont have any money. screw them! they blow! money can and does buy me happiness. if i didnt have money i wouldnt have a truck or even at that transprtation. if there were no money i wouldnt be able to spend time with my girlfriend, dancing, eating, going out. if there were no money i wouldnt be on the internet writting in my journal. but oh well, what can i do but wait tilll next next wed to get a fat ass check!oh yea 38 hours this week alone can you imagine next week another 30-40 hours and yea that means alots of moneys, probably enough to pay for my truck. well other than shtie everything blows.

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diames r cool
2003-11-17 00:03 (link)
money does buy happiness to some least for me. though, it also brings me sorrow. why u ask? i get "moneys" i get a truck, laptop, desktop, cell phone, and cool shit. its all good...till the monthly bills come in. you gotta work ur ass off to pay for this shit. in the end (sometimes) you dont have crap. but!!! did bring happiness cuz u got what u wanted. for me. i wish i had a "significant other" to enjoy the money with. id want to take them out, buy us shit, have a good time with my hard earned money. but theres noone. : (

now...just for you to remember josh...there are about another 5000 kids we know that would love to have our jobs. the job DOES have its perks. take care of it. im grateful for being in the position that i am. i am not grateful that my life blows every once in a while...but shit happens. i'll get mine.

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2003-11-19 12:20 (link)
man i heart you real good. i'll be gettin an apartment soon in san ann so when you need to you can just chill here get away from the stress of everything.

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