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Me (of_creation) wrote,
@ 2004-05-19 13:14:00
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    Seattle Story (1/?)

    I was bored, and just let my imagination take me away...

    Perhaps I should have taken an umbrella.
    Perhaps I shouldn't have moved here in the first place. Seattle was known for its rainstorms.
    I had followed a dream, something often used as a plot-point in cheesy paperback romances. A dream of love, a dream of affection, a complete dream.
    I had, at last minute, declined my entry into Duke- the college I had been striving to get into ever since my brother had went there himself. But no. My dream carried me with him to Seattle, like an unwary dog carrying burrs in its fur. He had been surprised, to say the least.
    "Wow, what brings you here," he had mumbled, searching my eyes as if he knew the reason, "didn't you want to go to Duke?" I had just smiled- a terribly faint smile- and made up an excuse. 'I'm late for class, sorry I can't stay to chat.' He hadn't bought it, but he left me alone.
    I had soon discovered things about him that I would never have imagined, some of which I never wanted to know. When had he picked up smoking? I certainly didn't recall him smoking through out senior year. But then, I hadn't really known him in senior year. I had merely fawned over him, like so many others. But I was the only one who had been pulled by the tide of my attraction.
    I was the only one to move from the east to the west coast. From the familiar to the unknown. From the people who knew and loved me to the people who couldn’t give less of a damn. And he still didn’t know me.
    A semester had passed and I had found a new clique. A clique that didn’t include him. Apparently college hadn’t changed anything between us.
    So here I was now, walking. Walking alone through a typical rainy Seattle night, trying my best not to splash the puddles that trapped the reflection of the lights. I still wasn’t home here, home in the rain that soaked me and cleansed me of the dirt of the day every chance it had. Starring at the figures blurred by the rain, I sighed.
    Perhaps I should have taken an umbrella.

    Don't let the rain dampen your wings, angels.

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