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Odysseus (odysseus) wrote,
@ 2008-03-10 22:31:00
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    Computer Science, Part II
    I think what I am really getting at when I express my wonder, the mystery, is beauty. Computer Science has the same beauty as mathematics, and I struggle to explain that. If I had to tell a person about the beauty of a rose, I could say some words, but could I make them understand?

    But then why did I follow a different path from a mathematician? Why, indeed, have I placed myself on the more practical side of computer science rather than the theoretic? Because Computer Science also has the joy of building things. It is like math, but I get to make things that do stuff. I can build machines out of something as close to pure thought as we can presently obtain. Here, in this realm, I can have both joy and beauty.

    Can you see it?

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