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Odysseus (odysseus) wrote,
@ 2005-09-13 16:59:00
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    Ah, its been a while. Sorry, I was away pretending to be an astronomer, and it was very distracting. I've gotten a reply from Easter, finally, (he is surprisingly difficult to get a hold of, considering he lives inside my head). However, the mathematical notation of a five-hundred year old vampire from a parallel reality that doesn't actually exist is rather hard to decipher. So, for the moment, let me recount/fabricate a few of the trivialities of my life.

    Recently, I have moved to the Boston area. I have an apartment there, and there are a few wonderful things about it:

    Dishwasher of The Future

    It is a shiny dishwasher that travels in time. It can only go about an hour into the future, unfortunately. However, its location in the kitchen is very convenient. For example, I could set the oven to bake some brownies, then hop into my dishwasher (after making sure to fill the detergent dispenser) and retrieve the brownies from the future, where they have already finished baking. You have to be very careful to use spot free detergent though, other wise you will cause a horrific paradox that will effectively end the universe, or at least leave it very spotty. Also, it washes dishes.

    Space Refrigerator

    The space refrigerator is another item in my collection of wondrous kitchen appliances. It is, as the name implies, a refrigerator that goes into outer space. Unfortunately it can't actually be used as a space vehicle. Outer space is, however, very good for keeping food fresh. It also features an ice cube maker and water dispenser. The water dispenser is very slow, so it is generally best to set a glass there and use the dishwasher to retrieve it.


    My apartment comes furnished with a compliment of two roommates. They seem pretty cool, although oddly obsessed with grilling. As far as I can tell, neither of them travels in space or time in any way beyond the usual means.

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2005-10-10 02:42 (link)
who are you, by the way? -jules

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