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octaviorblog (octavior) wrote,
@ 2012-02-11 17:24:00
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    Microsoft Will Release Windows 8 Consumer Preview Version on February 29
    Microsoft plans to release Windows 8 Consumer Preview Version at an event Mobile World Congress on February 29. In last December, Microsoft said a public Windows 8 beta would be released in late February. Now members of the press recently received an invitation to a special Windows 8 Customer Preview event in Barcelona as part of the Mobile World Congress trade show.

    It’s pointed out that Windows 8 is a big bet for Microsoft, because the appearance of this system will be Windows to make a radical change, such as a new show for the first time last year in the D9 Conference Metro interface. Microsoft released a developer preview version of Windows 8 at Built Developers Conference in last autumn. The operating system is the most drastic overhaul of Windows since the release of Windows 95, building of many elements of its Windows Phone 7 OS. Windows 8 is designed with tablets and touchscreen computing in mind and with an eye toward integration over all Microsoft’s computing devices.

    In addition to the new appearance design, the features of Windows 8 include a built-in store selling new types of applications. Besides, Windows 8 will not only support the AMD and Intel chips used on the Windows Classic, but also support typically used for the ARM processor for Android phones and tablets. The biggest change will come in the form of the full-screen "Start Screen", with live tiles and a "Metro" design that is very similar to Windows Phone 7 and the latest Xbox 360 software update. Apps for this Start Screen will focus on touch, and be available through a built-in marketplace called the Store. During a demo at CES, Tami Reller, chief marketing officer for Windows, said we should expect to see Windows 8 on tablets and ultrabooks. In an earnings call this week, ARM CEO Warren East said Windows 8 could propel more tablet sales than Google's Android mobile operating system has accomplished so far.

    Microsoft has switched to releasing a “preview” that is more or less feature complete and ready to go as a means of generating some anticipation for the actual product launch, but it isn’t necessarily expecting the consumer preview community to identify and report bugs. The software will undoubtedly be tweaked based on feedback, but Microsoft wants to get the public involved, and straying away from the scary "beta" word may be an attempt to do that. PC and chip manufacturers have said they are looking forward to this latest software release later this year, but Microsoft refused to formally confirm the final release time. However, Microsoft has in the last earnings conference call that 2012 will be a major release of the Year.

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