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Heaven Tonight (obsidiankittyn) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 11:11:00
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    Back in England
    My god that country is beautiful. Stockholm is so nice I want to live there. Want my own lil ikea filled studio apartment and watch the strange advert with the pig all day. such a cute pig. My flight was great i love flying wanna fly more!! Turbulance is fun! im a strange kitty. When we got to stockholm it was a little confusing, i had tried to learn the language but when i got there all that went out the window and i was reduced to a wibbling tourist. Asking for things in english and waving my hands about like a headless chicken. trying to ask for tickets to Nackrosin and getting confused why it cost 60skr. then i remember its nearly 13skr to a pound. and then go insearch of the tube we have to go onto. Figure out he word for up is Upp and lift is Hiss. Which amuses me. Finally get there and have to work out which direction our hotel is in. But in the end we finnally find it and get settled in. It was huge. Sofa, tv, dineing table, two chairs, easy chair, desk, two single beds pushed together for a double, lamps, huge windows that have blinds between the panes of glass, the closit is as big as another room, the bathroom has a shower, toilet, sink, heated towel rail, towels, and then there is a kitchen with so much in it i cant even begin to describe but a fridge freezer, microwave and hob spring to mind.

    We went and bought some food next from the CooP going by the picturs on the box and words we understood we finnaly had enough. As the week went on we picked up words from the TV subtitles and the underground speaking women who tells you where you are. Ok so i dont think i could form a full sentance but i knew enough to get by.

    The highlight of the week i think was the smorgasbord we had in the Grand Hotel. I was sat drinking cosmopolitins and champagne stuffing myself silly with every kind of food that melted in your mouth.Salmon, herring,beef, ham, meatballs, lingenberrys, chocolate moouse (sp?), oh god lots i cant remember it all...ooh crayfish soup...yum.

    But then saturday came and we had to go hom :( i dont mind being back here, i start collage soon and i missed my momma.

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dead people
2005-05-01 19:49 (link)
I kill people when i am pissed and now i have ran out of places to hide the body's

but i now sendthem to people threw the mail and get money

i love money yay

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