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Stacie Joy Orrico (o_stacie) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 00:38:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:michelle branch ; are you happy now

    Who cares...?
    Yeah, I'm officially pissed and stressed at the same time. With being an artist comes a lot of requirements and choices, things some people i'm close to don't seem to understand. I can't do what I love when it's a job like I have and still have all the time in the world everything else. Sorry world, but with pleasure comes pain and I can't fucking please everyone. Believe me, i've tried... no one ever has enough. Well there's nothing more I can do.

    I don't know what I expect from posting this, maybe a little frustration off my back. 'Cause I'm pretty positive no one is going to pay attention to this entry. Let's be honest, I've been a tad antisocial and it's mostly because I could not feel any more invisible to you. You being... everyone who happens to spot this entry while scrolling through their 'friends' lists. Everyone has their own little cliques around here, and i'm definitely not part of the membership. I mean, c'mon... check the comments on previous entries. A bit bare, correct? Lol. Oh well... back to my bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

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2003-08-26 09:44 (link)
People do seem to underestimate the amount of stress that comes with being, or trying to be, an artist.

If you would like to talk sometime, drummerjamin is where to reach me.

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2003-08-27 21:10 (link)
This is late, but I paid attention to your entry. Hell, I updated a few hours ago and mentioned your entry actually. It is hard trying to fit into a group of people where you have a million and one cliques. So I've been kind of on the anti-social side too. And I have like . . . 3 comments? 2 of them being from Matt Lillard and the other being my reply to him, so I kind of know what you mean about the bare comments thing. Oh, and Fruity Pebbles rock and a comment about your last post, I liked `If you give a mouse a cookie` ;-[

:; copies Jamin ;: if you want to talk, if I happen to be online : Gina C Philips :]

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