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Megan (nutmeg1186) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 15:45:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Come on Eileen...thanks to Michele

    I haven't deserted you!
    It has been way too long since I have written and a whole lot has happened. I am officially done with Jazz Band 3 week camp! We played today at a nursing home and it was so much more fun than I thought it would be. We played a lot of old classics like My Girl, YMCA, At the Hop (great drum solo), and many others. They were dancing and singing the whole time. I was so adorable. After the show, a man named Tom came over to me and kept complimenting my drumming and telling me all about his musical days. I really think our conversation made both of our days.
    In other news, Cock Robin has been doing great. Not only is the band sounding awesome, the whole 'family' is really having alot of fun. When the band started up again I was so afraid that I would not get to know the whole new "generation" of fans. Wow, was I wrong. I really look forward to going now for the music and the people. We have so much fun. *Meagan- I have come to forgive you for spelling your name wrong. Even though you're going to try to bring me down to your evil ways I am still glad we're friends now! OW HA HEY! *Andrew- Holy Danger! Word! And yes, I do know which movies you talk about, and I am still upset that the foam is gone :( But since you loved "Pirates of the Caribbean" so much it's ok. When is the next practice for our C.R. tribute band? *David- You crack me up. Your statement will come to good use and I really am going to send you things from shows and keep you updated while you're far Alright, I have probably really confused everyone else reading who is not familiar with Cock Robin and the family, but hey, your loss! I'm off to get an application for a little Italian shop! Perfect for me! Comment, I love reading them ;)

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