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lonely and its all that i've got (numb_and_cold) wrote,
@ 2005-05-03 23:51:00
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    a survey cuz i was bored
    So nothing is really new. i get to graduate in a month!


    Created by xxkickyourassxx and taken 64 times on bzoink!

    What's your name?Crystal
    Have a nickname? If yes, what is it?none
    What's your gender?girl
    How old are you?17
    Birthdate?may 30th
    Where abouts are you from?wisconsin
    Which year/grade are you in? (if in school)12th
    Speak any other languages?i used to speak spanish
    Family?mom, dad, and my brother
    Pets?Dolly and jet, my 2 dobermans
    Got a job?walmart. ive had lots of others too
    Fav quote/saying?"ou think you know me, but you dont. and that means you dont know what i can do"
    Got a website?just the blurty
    .:Your Appearance:.
    Skin colour?very white
    Eye colour?they used to be blue, but they turned green
    Hair colour and style?very dark brown, long
    Clothing style?normal,idk jeans and a shirt/sweatshirt
    Piercings?ears for now, belly button soon
    Tattoos?ew none
    Do others find you attractive?idk, prolly
    Do you think you are attractive?yes i do think so
    Who's style do you follow?mine, and my friends
    Are you a trendsetter?no, i dont think so
    Any distinguishing features or birthmarks?no
    Height?5 ft 6"
    Weight?idk, i hate weighing myself
    How would you rate your appearance out of 10?idk, thats being kinda vain. 8??
    .:Love Things And Sexy Things (No Kiddies Allowed!):.
    Single or have a partner?single
    Do you masterbate?no
    Do you watch porn?all the time
    What turns you on?guys with black hair and are kinda punkish,lol idk
    Do you prefer to dominate or be submissive?dominate definatly
    What would be your sexiest situation/fantasy?cant tell
    What would be your most romantic situation?secret
    What do you like best about the opposite sex?oh! another think i cant talk about
    What do you least like about the opposite sex?tendency to treat women like shit(just some)
    How do you prefer the opposite sex's looks? (sizes, hair, whatever)dark hair(black) taller than me, not fat. hot looking
    What do you like to see the opposite sex wearing?nothing,lol. jk jeans w/shirt off
    Fav type of sex?hott!
    Any weird sexual expriences/dreams?yes...haha would it be weird to be at school
    Movie?White Oleander
    Band?The Used
    TV show?One Tree hill, the Twilight zone, the wonder years
    Song?"Blue and Yellow"
    Video game?i hate them
    Colour?Black and hot pink or purple
    School subject?History
    Actor?Johnny Depp
    Holiday? (Birthdays, Xmas etc)I heart Christmas even more than my b-day
    Mass murderer?ewww gross
    Sweet/Chocolate?I love dark chocolate
    Happy with life and why?kinda the last year or so of my life has been the best. i have so many friends that i hope i dont lose after the summer is over
    Happy with yourself and why?yes, im graduating and i have stayed true to myself
    Do you believe in magick?ummm not witchcraft, but i believe in supernatural power...gosts, spirits, the devil, God
    Do you believe in ghosts?haha yes
    What do you think happens when we die?i think we experience how we have affected others during our lifetime and if in general we were a good person. then i hope we get to be with our family and pets
    Do you prefer day or night?Night, im just more awake for some reason. yay partying
    What's your idea of a fun night?being with my friends drinking(not to much tho)
    Do you have a webcam?no
    How do you feel about love?im not one of those people who think that there is a perfect soul mate for themselves. i guess love is important, but not everything should be based on it.
    How do you feel about life?I love living despite all the crap. im greatful to be alive and to be living in a free country like the US
    Talents?I'm really good at showing dogs! no one will understand til they go to a dog show. and no, its not easy
    What do you get complimeted most on?eyes, my hair
    Large group or just one close mate?just a few close friends
    Ever had suicidal thoughts?yeah, not for awhile tho. that was more like the hell of freshman year.. for certain reasons
    .:Your Friends:.
    Best?thats not fair to specify, i have a lot of great friends
    Craziest?Ashlee definatly
    Most girly?idk
    Drama Queen/King?
    Most annoying?
    Most thoughtful?
    Most caring?
    Most generous?
    Most gross?i dont have gross friends

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hehe yeah
2005-05-04 16:14 (link)
haha hell yeah! im really crazy, and that's what makes times so fun. . .i love being my crazy lil self with my funky sh*t, ahah. . .and summer is going to kick ass!! yay party time. . .

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