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I have become comformtably __ numb (numb__inside) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 15:20:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:Jane Says . Janes Addiction

    City lights lay out before us
    Im super-goth. This is what Tara and my group in religion have decided. Well Super-goth to the rescue! Im yet again, avoiding homework. Which surprisingly isnt even a lot today but Im still avoiding it. The funniest thing happend this morning. Me and Eric were running down to the locker room because he didn't have his books for science so that made us kind of late. Then I decided we needed to walk by the band room cause Chris was in there... ha. So that's really out of the way. But we did it anyway, and the bell rang while we were going there. And I was like shit! So we ran down the steps near the band room and Eric tumbles down them. God I was really dieing. I was laughing so hard he literally tumbled down the steps. It reminded me of Jack and Jill haha. Well I also found out today I have a C+ in english ::shifts eyes::. Guess I'll have to do extra credit or something. Today I suppose Im gonna have to do my homework, so I'll write tomorrow or something.

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haha the smiley thing i picked 4 my image looks constipated
2003-12-11 06:44 (link)
hey cilla 2 day was fuckin soo fun.... this whole week has been funny. mon- all cakey and delicious (still laughin)
wed or tues ( dont kno)- dobey had 2 iron his hands
thurs (2day)- we fallin down the stairs and then limping 2 science
and i bet fri(tom) there will b somethin funny 2

cilla's kool and funny

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Re: haha the smiley thing i picked 4 my image looks constipated
2003-12-11 15:42 (link)
Eric your a dumbass you fell down the steps Wednesday. And today was Thursday lmao. And todays funny event "He has no balls?!?!?" Lmao!!

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