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I have become comformtably __ numb (numb__inside) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 15:39:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:Sunday Bloody Sunday . U2

    Dont let me let you go.
    Today I woke up and went to school. Which --of course-- was lovely at 6 in the morning. God I was so tired. I took sleeping pills last night so I could actually sleep. They worked.. I was asleep before 11. Anyways today we had mass in school. I may have been distruptive. And Turcotte might have heard me say fuck. But its all good. I starred at Chris most of the time.. I also saw him in the band room today. When he was er humping the air?? Well that was amusing. Then I got my math quiz back, 97 aint to bad =). And I need extra help in science this week, because I'm retarded. Kris Darosa (spelling...?) was making fun of Manson again today. ::Beats the hell out of him til he cries:: He disturbs me. How do you like my Purple Rain background? Prince, thats where the real music is. You listen to the Purple Rain cd and oh man you'll never be the same. Tomorrow I have clarinet lessons ekk. Drama meeting was after school today... I wanna be Princess Anna :). But knowing my skills I won't get anything... per usual -_-. Well I gotta go find my audition song. Peace out my cool kitties.

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2003-12-09 07:13 (link)
Im a cool kittie :)
Your Princess Anna mwahhahaha wow


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2003-12-09 16:04 (link)
Heres a toast
To all those who hear me all to well

Heres to the nights we felt alive
Heres to the tears you knew you cried
Heres to goodbye tomorrow's gonna come to soon

Sorry thats songs playing.

But I dont have a part yet BOO HOO auditions arent til monday. Lets hope I dont fuck up ^_^!!!

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2003-12-11 06:17 (link)
i love that song is that eve 6

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2003-12-11 15:41 (link)
Yeah , Best song ohhh yeah.

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