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Jordan (nuclearstar) wrote,
@ 2005-03-17 16:27:00
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    desperate times...desperate measures
    It has been a while since i updated... i guess i was waiting for something good to happen, or at least something eventful. But no... nothing really.

    I did have a very pleasant sensation today as i was walking from my sixth hour class to my locker. As I turned the corner on my way down the spiral staircase I saw Mr. DiNovo on his way up. I smiled, a friendly smile, felt the familiar tingle of delight throughout my whole body. I probably wouldn't have really noticed if Heather didn't make a comment, but he gave me a the old "up-down" (in other words he checked me out head to toe) (you know, the thing i secretly do everytime i see him) (and by the way, i totally just made "up-down" up, but i wanted to use some catchy lingo and just couldn't think of any). Yeah so that made me even happier. He probably did it because my breasts were displayed particularly risqué today. My philosophy on boobs is that God gave them to me, why shouldn't i show them off?...

    do you see what i've had to resort to?

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