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~***wu child***~ (nstcswmgrl) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 09:43:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:no

    swim meet 2 dayz ago
    GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! i was @ Jasper Valley, @ a swim meet. i was tired, n muh cuzin connor is visiting. i hadda swim 50 free (i no, i no. big whoop), 100 breast (hard, but i*ll manage) n 100 back (i did 50 back all year last year so i guessed i*d b able 2 deal). it wasn*t the eventz i was swimming that made the meet a lil annoying. first of all, my sista n muh cuzin think i like seb. which i don*t no if i do. still undecided. they tole lindsay, which was OF COURSE a really bad mistake. don*t get me wrong, lindsay is muh friend. but when she learnz stuff like that, u betta WATCH out. muh cuzin n muh sister were being lil bratz, kicking me n the back overrrrr n overrrrrrr n overrrrrr when i was sittin down. i acted like i didn*t notice them, i couldn*t do nething, ryte? i juss kinda chilled. when it was time 4 muh race i was pretty pissed @ them. me n lindsay n my friend Rossy n andrea (rica*z lil friend) went 2 the bull pen. we were standing round; we weren*t up yet. lindsay made up a lil songggggggg while we were there. it goez like this: 'she likez a crab' (yeah. his name is sebastian, n that*z the crabz name n the lil mermaid.........yeah). she n andrea sang that @ an embarrassingly LOUD volume until i made them stop when i realized his neighbor/friend, adrian, was rite there bhind us. i got REALLY worried that he*d heard n he*d tell seb. so i made andrea ask him if he heard. he said yep, he heard EVERYTHING. then i made her ask if he understood. he said not only did he understand, but SEB NEW! how can he NO if i*m UNDECIDED???? goooooood question. bbl

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