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DKFUN (notjustafan) wrote,
@ 2003-01-25 14:44:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Addicted - SIMPLE PLAN, BABY!

    Naked Cowboys and other various items
    So. . .ahhhhhh first, my computer/AOL is being a bitch. damn. It wasn't working all last night. I felt so cut off, so disconnected from the outside world. wow, how pathetic. So yes, yesterday was midterms. Honors Trigonometry and Analysis followed by AP US History, what fun. I was in a trig zone, so the test actually seemed pretty easy. I didn't get the whole thing finished, I skipped one graphing problem because it would have taken too long, but otherwise there wasn't anything on the test that I didn't know how to do. I was so excited. Ah, yes. then history. O spent 3 hours the night before the test re-reading the twelve chapters that the test would cover (1492-1860), so I was very prepared. yea, so I got done with 45 minutes left and I didn't have a book. . .so I took a nice nap. It was totally SWEET. Monday'll be English and Physics, not too worried. . .but I've already started to study for them hahaha. I'm a dork when it comes to this type of stuff. oh well, it gets me good grades, so I guess I can't complain about my dorkiness.

    So aftermidterms. . .we went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays in the mall. There were originally 8 of us, and then Alex :) was hanging around looking for a ride home, so I made him come with us. oh man I'm completely obsessed with that boy. pathetic, i know. . .but I'm OK with that. because, i'm allowed to be in love with an awesome guy. . .well not in LOVE. I love the idea of him. . .like having a boyfriend and stuff, but love is such a. . .strong word. . yea but I'm all about him. . . he's sweet, and hilarious, and smart, and sooooo cute, and fun. . .but of course things are stupid and confusing and complicated. . .but fun, oh yea they're fun. any way..... Yea so our waiters were fun, the food was decent, we had a good time. Then half of the little party went home and the rest of us wondered the mall for awhile. We bought calenders ($3 baby!). . . I got O-Town, Emily got Chippendale's. . .grrrreat pictures. Then we went to KB Toys and Kristin bought herself, me, and whitney all little Care Bears. They are sooo cute, so now we're in some weird little Care Bear Cult. But that's fine, we've moved on from the Scarf Cult of the past few weeks.

    :::No matter where life takes you to, I'll meet you there::: sorry, Simple Plan. OHHHH YES!

    So. . .then we took a trip to FYE and listened to all the good music. . .Avril, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, U2, justin Timberlake, Dashboard Confessional. . . and various other artists. . . I really wanted to get the DBC unplugged CD, but I didn't have the $$$ with me. So I settled for this $10 New Found Glory CD with them covering (meaning completely punkifying) so old movie songs like "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic and "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" from Armageddon, the theme from The Never-Ending Story, the theme from the Goonies (one of the best movies ever), and "That Thing You Do." really and awesome CD, soooo worth the money haha.

    :: I heard you're doing OK, but I want you to know, I'm a DICK, I'm ADDICTED to you. . .:: more Simple Plan loving this CD right now.

    So then we had to get going to return a few friends before 3, but Emily, Aly, Whitney and me went to Aly's house to print out some cowboy porn. (just wait, there's a story behind it. . .) So we had been at a birthday party of a friends and well, Aly is very gifted with her computer and she always makes AWESOME gifts and cards using it. (for christmas I got a hilarious Vin Diesel shirt with him in a beater and shorts and these funny socks, and it has him saying "If I were a monkey, I'd be the baddest monkey in the forest" and then she air-brushed palm trees and stuff on the shirt, really an awesome gift.) so she gave the girl who's b-day it was a card with pictures of cowboys. . .and she says "well don't let your mom see it. . . I had to blur the picture on the back a little" so we look and it is definitely the funniest card ever. . .the pictures were hot, no visible penis, of we were all like, OH YEA! WE WANT NAKED COWBOYS!!! YEA!!!. so we went and printed some out for our lockers and various other places. really. . .HOTT pictures. the dicks are huge though. I swear. . .that's like false advertisement or something. . . they really can't all be that big...false hopes. oh well.

    Oh man, so then I got home and chilled all night. . . listened to music and watched TV since my aol wasn't working and my mom didn't feel like calling the people (pain in the ass). oh and my sister came home from college for the weekend. . .Hold on, my fav Simple Plan song is on. I'm going to see them in MAY I'm soooooo exctited!!!! OH YEA!!!! we're getting our tickets today! yea!

    ok so yea my sister came home and brought home her friend Nick. He's really funny. . so they visited a while and then she left because they were staying with my other sister. sooooo I stayed up way too late watching absolutely nothing on TV. and now. . .I'm bored and I should be studying. . . but I'm not. . .ok yea i'm going to study. . .

    off, reluctantly. . .


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