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Christine (nothing143) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 19:44:00
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    Current mood:Christmas:)
    Current music:Jingle Bells cuz I Love Christmas:)

    "Jingle all the way!"

    1) first grade teacher's name: Mrs. Calderone
    2) last word you said: "I need to shower"
    3) last song you sang: Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas is You
    4) last thing you laughed at: hmmm i dunno
    5) last time you cried: friday


    1) what's in your cd player: CHRISTMAS CD:)
    2) what color socks are you wearing: none
    3) what's under your bed: ummm my glow in the dark thing and my stationery flower set thing
    4) what time did you wake up today: 6:05 am


    1) what is your career going to be: I'm shooting for lawyer, I'm dreaming for fame and fortune
    2) where are you going to live: CALIFORNIA HERE I COMEE!!!!!!!!
    3) how many kids do you want: MILLIONS i want a large huge family
    4) what kind of car will you drive: Mustang or a more expensive car:D


    1) current hair: straight and down
    2) current clothes: sweats and sweat shirtttt
    3) current jewelry: none
    4) current annoyance: friends
    5) current smell: my lotion-Ocean scented
    6) current longing: Straight To the Maxx
    7) current desktop picture: The OC CALIFORNIA HERE I COMEEE!!
    8) current favorite music artist: hmmm Christina Aguilera
    9) current book: Secrets Arent Meant to be Kept
    10) current worry: My fatness
    11) current hate: my weight and teeth:[
    12) story behind your username: i couldnt think of anything else lol
    13) current favorite article of clothing: bla i dont care honestly
    14) favorite physical feature on a boy?: eyes, and muscles:-D
    15) one person you wish was here right now: Nicole's mom so she doesn't have to deal with the greif of letting go:-(
    16) i am happiest when.. I that isnt good
    17) i feel lonely when..: I am always lonely
    18) favorite author(s):None at the moment
    19) do you think too much: heck yes
    20) if you could live anywhere in the world, where: anywhere but here
    21) do you have any regrets: yes many
    22) sex or love: love
    23) favorite coffee: yuckk
    24) favorite smell: the cologne, of somebody I lvoe:-(!!
    25) what makes you mad: a lot of stuff
    26) favorite way to waste time: filling out these surveys
    27) what is your best quality: Im a horrible person
    28) are in currently in love/lust:BLA!

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2003-11-14 21:59 (link)
Laura loves you...but you stole my survey....Biter! j/k!!

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