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Logan (nosleepforme) wrote,
@ 2003-03-19 18:47:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:Ditch- Puttin Stuff In My Barn

    Say it aint so
    I can't wait until friday.I get to hang out with Andy, Amilcar, Rey, Levi, Corey, and Jesse. Until then though I don't know what I am going to do. I have to decide soon on my summer visitation. My parents have been divorced ever since I can remember, and I have never had a sense of a family. Other people have their parents at their guitar concerts, or at their soccer games. The last time my mom and dad were in the same room as me was at my court hearing in August and that was all kinds of fucked up. I'm tired of having to live two lives, of having to seperate MY time between two other people. Well, fuck it. It's only for two more years. I'm not gonna get shit for sleep tonight. Fuck. Well, I'm gonna get home in four days. Then the same old grind starts up. School, band, no sleep, smoking, no sleep, no sleep........screw it. That's my theory for life. Can't fix it? FUCK IT! At least when I go back to school I'll see everyone. Now that I am all nostalgic, I'm gonna go through my day of school.
    I go to first period chemistry. There I just fuck around on the computers, hit on Mrs. Lomasney and talk to Chris, Alexa, Katie, Justin, and Than.
    Then is second period spanish. I joke with senor a little and piss off Kate and Eliza while talking to Chris D. Mostly just fucking around.
    After that is homeroom. I enjoy homeroom because i just get to joke around with Daniel and Joy, and they both are cool. I need to find Daniel a woman.
    Then Daniel and I skip on down to Mr. Steed's room for geometry. I talk to Daniel, Kari, Alex, and Kobe mainly in that class. Most the time it is just me and Daniel kicking some math ass.
    After that I head to guitar class with Mr. Stephens. I see Mary in there and that makes my day better. I just fuck around with intermediate. Tyler, Andre, Eliza, Kate, Daniel, Chris, Jill. I also talk to Renee whe I can.
    Then I head to Mrs. Li's Algebra II. I talk to Daniel, Chad, Joy, Katrina, Charlie, Evan, almost everyone in the room. It's fun...I guess.
    Once I'm in sixth period I am ok. Mrs. Spearman's english class. Me and Mrs. Spearman are pretty close because she is my favorite teacher. I talk to Justin, Carolyn, and Kelly.
    Finally I head to hell. Mr. Jones's european history. Long class but it is getting better.

    I'm gonna go do something now. I will probably write more around two or three tommorrow morning.

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