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JaMiE (normlifebaby) wrote,
@ 2003-04-27 10:58:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Nirvana

    This is the first entry, and normally they are boring and stupid, because its the first, so instead of accidentally makin it borin, im gunna make this first few sentences borin purposly, and excuse my mispelled words, im not a genious. Alot of stuff has been goin on, the other night i went out with my friends and got drunk, it was actually my first time to really get drunk, so i was a lil freaky, it was crazy, i was trippin like a bitch, and just because i finally got drunk dont meen im a lil christian child, i have beter things to do, i have natural highs. Im sue lots of people do. yeterday i spent the whol day goin through a hangover, it sucked. anywayz, me and this guh Robin, got into a fight maybe a week ago, we were best friends, well , i was tired of her bullshit so i quit talkin to her, then this other guh Pam made a bet wit me that me n robin would be friends by the end of spring break, now i been doin good not talkin to Robin, but last night she apologized. I dont wanna get into her bull shit again, but we was best friends, and i dont wana lose this bet, so i figure, robin will just be a bitch again, and ill lose the bet, so i lose anywayz. i have to think about this. you know, people are so stupid. White people wanna be black, most blacks where im at hate whites, people try to be something there not. I know this gyu, and hes not that bad lookin, but he tells people hes gothic, and then he used to tell people hes christian, he cuts himself, which i think is awsome, but i meen, he needs to grow up. have u ever just sat and watched some-1? i meen sit there and watch everything they do, its wierd, sometimes u wonder if people really have soul, and if there heart is realy used to love, sometimes i think we have no soul, we are just creatures of life, and then sometimes i think there is no life, just organisms, sometimes im a believer of god, sometimes i ove the devil ,and sometimes im atheist, no-1 really knows what to believe. anywayz, do people really fall "in love?" i was once in love with some-1. no names, but he "lived a lie" his parents dont like white people. yes hes blac, does race realy matter, were all the same, sometimes. i soldmy heart to him, but he threw it away, so i quit bein there, i quit lovin, i quit hating, i have no fealings until i find some-1 like me, not many people are."we love in vain, narcissticand so shallow, hate today,theres no lovefor tomorrow" -Marilyn Manson. Sometimes hes a genious with words. His music islife, almost everything he says applys to everyone. "Dont let them know how far you go, or that you use your lovers, oh look your like a VCR , stick something in to know just who you are" -Marilyn Manson, that goes to all you hoes. alrighty, thats just a few of my fav phrases, yu can find alot of them on my profile if u im me. Im a million diffrent things, and not one you know, so if ur interested on outlooks and over views of life, keep readin, or talk to me, im not so shallow.

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