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Searching For A Reason To Carry On (normajames) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 04:15:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Norma Jean-Face: Face

    She simply will not die.
    Today had to be one of the worst days ive had in a while, everything is going so wrong. its fuckin 4 am and i cant sleep. everything is being gay, life fuckin sucks now. well yeah today i went out with kelly, luis, and sam and we went to the dartmouth mall, thats was ok, i guess. after that i came home and sat around, then went up to georges house and then came home around 10. then around 12 me and luis went up to sasha's and we went to the cemetary to play man hunt, but sasha was to scared so we walked around a little, then we went to diman, and i walked with them for a bit, then i started feeling depressed for some reason, so i went and sat in the car. after that we drove around some more, then it was about 3, so we went and bring sasha home, and i got home and tryed falling asleep, but now my stomach is killin me and i feel like im gonna cry for like the 3rd time today, everything is so horrible it dont even feel real. i really miss my g/f, i love her so much, i can barely see her now, her mom wont let her come over until she meets me. theres other shit to but im not gonna get into it. i hope shit starts goin great like it was before, and i hope it does soon. well im gonna go listen to some thursday or something, i cant wait to see them at lupos, there such a great talented band. goodbye.


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2003-08-19 14:14 (link)
i hope you feel better fucknut.

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