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noncon (noncon) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 13:02:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:NC State vs Georgia Tech

    Governor's School Update.

    Okay, so yesterday, while I was taking a vocab test on The Scarlet Letter in 6th Period, Ms. Laird came in and started handing out letters to the "gifted" children who'd expressed an interest in Gov School. She must have scoured all of our records, it seems. I was sure that everyone who got a letter was qualified; when I got my own, I was ecstatic! She wanted to meet us in the library during 7th Period, which meant I got to skip Chemistry. YAY!

    To elaborate, I should probably say that I failed a ten-minute ticker in Chemistry the other day. ;( It was on sig figs. It's the FIRST thing I've failed in a long time. Not a good sign!

    Anyhow, after I picked up review worksheets in Chem for the first quarter exam in there on Monday (we're having a lab practical too! Atrocious!) and checked in with my teacher, I went to the library. Imagine my surprise when I saw only three others were present! Rebecca, Taylor, and Katrice all gazed up at me when I arrived. We all chatted animatedly when I arrived. Hey, I think I've managed to assimilate!

    Ms. Laird joined us shortly; she looked surprised. "Where's Corey?" she asked in her feathery voice. Corey had qualified as well! I'd seen him playing basketball with the trash can and his letter in 6th Period. Taylor said as much. Ms. Laird refused to believe he'd want to miss out on an opportunity like this, and sent Katrice and Taylor to go grab him from his Spanish class. She then went to go get something from her office, leaving me and Rebecca all alone.

    I've never seen the big deal about responding quickly to someone's inquiries, so long silences stretched between us. At least, until we started talking about "Survivor Type," which we're reading in AP Lang. As it turns out, I'm not the only one who's freaked out by that story! Rebecca started reading it in her 6th Period, and she told me that her knees felt weak when she tried to get up once she was done, calming me just a little. Stephen read it in my 6th Period, but he wasn't obsessing about it when he went to talk to Corey and Eric. Maybe Rebecca and I were so grossly affected because we can't tell the difference between some stupid horror story by some mediocre author and real life, due to our lack of social skills. Nevermind that Arnholt said she thought it was disturbing, too. As you can tell, I'm just dying to write an essay on that nasty thing. [/sarcasm]

    I even had a bad dream about it Thursday night. A gimpy Dr. Richard Pine came to Fayetteville and amputated my limbs and ate them. All in all, it was pretty painful. Needless to say, I was pretty fucked up on Friday, but when I woke up this morning I felt pretty normal, so I guess that's an improvement. :)

    Anyhow, Taylor, Katrice, Corey, and Ms. Laird came back quickly. She discussed with us what areas we qualified in. Corey qualified only in English, though he'd expressed an interest in Math and Social Sciences. Katrice qualified in French, Natural Sciences, and Band. Taylor qualified in English. Rebecca qualified in Theatre, Math, and English (I think, I wasn't really paying attention here). I qualified in Math, Natural Sciences, English, and Social Sciences. Though I'd told her I'd like to go in the Social Sciences, she told me my Natural Sciences and English scores were both much higher. "They're all excellent scores," she reassured me, "but Governor's School is competitive, and you need to submit the highest scores possible."

    I thought about this; I always had sickeningly high classroom scores in Social Studies, but performed a little less well on the EOCs, which is what Gov School selection is mainly based on. On the other hand, I performed well in English (usually), yet I had Mrs. Carrasquillo last year in English -- and she nearly invariably gave me a B. I wasn't sure about the Natural Sciences at all.

    Ms. Laird handed around the applications we'd need to fill out and explained how to procure good recommendations from our teachers (essential to make the Gov School cut). I listened very closely. It seems very tedious. We have to use a TYPEWRITER on the forms, since they're not available online. Luckily, I have one. Still--

    After school, to help me make my selection, Ms. Laird told me my scores. 99 in English, 98 in Natural Sciences, 93 in Social Sciences, and 92 in Math. That kind of cinched it for me; I'll be going in English and Natural Sciences. Laird told us how Foley (my Chemistry teacher, YES!) gives "dynamite" recommendations. Maybe she'll take pity on me and maybe I'll get lucky. Maybe.

    I told my parents about it. They were proud, as usual; I've learned that they'd express their pride in ways that weren't verbal if they knew how (and if they had the capital). When I started babbling about how I'd need my own transportation to get there, however, they warned me that I was counting my chickens before they hatched. Gov School's not a certain thing, I know. Still, I wish my chickens would hatch! ;f

    Has anyone else been keeping up with the baseball playoffs? Wouldn't it be really funny if the Cubs went on from PWNING the Braves to win the World Series? XD I think that would be nice...

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2003-10-14 19:38 (link)
If I knew what Governor's School really was I would congratulate you more, Christie. But unfortunately I don't, so I am not going to. But... er.. GO YOU, RAWK ON CHICKA. o_o; Ignore me.

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