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The Beautiful Mistake (noloveleftxo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 17:44:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Dashboard

    Emo is for me
    Dashboard isn't helping with this pain.. I feel like crap, mostly emotionally.. The Emo Coaster.. And I'm getting sick of it.. Up and Down and all around.. Dashboard isn't making this any better and that's sad.. I love my emo! :/ ALl these thoughts have been running through my head.. I just wish, I just wish... Well it doesn't matter what I wish...

    <3 Jess

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2003-12-11 14:01 (link)
hey jessica its well me. I love your emo too, Its kool you feel all these different things. And am emo as hell also, anyways i wish i could talk to you in person, i want to ask you out so badly but, you wouldnt go out with me i know this b/c well i do. so i dont bother tell you who this is sorry:-(

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2003-12-11 16:10 (link)
That is the most random comment I have ever heard.. I'm assuming this is Nick M. But hey if you want to blurt out stuff and then not tell me who you are that's your problem.. How do you know what I would say.. Well I am dating someone so that might be a problem.... Good luck, person..

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2003-12-11 18:38 (link)
oooooohhh! Jess has a stalker! Oh yeah, maybe dashboard isnt helping cos they suck. So, tell us ur name please, stalker!


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My name?
2003-12-16 19:49 (link)
Hey there cal... yeah i guess i would be a "stalker" but with a fine specimen Like jessica L is awsome, i want to tell you how i feel, i want to come into your room. whisper into your ear. aw man, i feel kinda funny. i du duno wha to say.

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