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The Beautiful Mistake (noloveleftxo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-03 22:22:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:The New Pornographers- All For Swinging You Around

    OMG, I'm dating a SEX GOD
    School was actually kinda fun.. I am happy.. Yeah, my family life sucks.. But at school I have a fucking awesome boyfriend.. He makes me laugh and smile.. A not so regular occurance. Stephen and I kept on eating each others nipples.. I would have to say I lost alot.. He pushed me down to the ground and beat me up! Just kidding. But it was fun.. Cal would stand there staring at us, and Corbin didn't even notice! My own boyfriend didn't protect me! For once in my life, I actually talked to the person I was dating at lunch.. Wow.. Weird.. Cal and some kids have a pool of how long Corbin and I will last.. I wonder if that will last.. Hmmm the things kids do nowadays.. Well it is sleepy time..

    <3 Jesss

    PS. Corbin is a jovial gay porn star, sneaky, a seducter, and a sex god. Wow.. I don't even like it ask either..

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hey hey
2003-12-03 22:48 (link)
i'll certainly try to keep you laughing and smiling and next time you get in a nipple eating contest, i'll be sure to lend a helping hand. i suppose i could do that. the sacrifices i make. it's terrible. i kid i kid. well i'm happy you're happy. everyone's happy! i think if anyone wins the pool we should. we deserve it. crazy cal. i shall see you tomorrow then. your very own awesome boyfriend of an equally awesome girlfriend, corbean-o the sex god.

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Re: hey hey
2003-12-04 01:38 (link)

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Re: hey hey
2003-12-04 18:22 (link)
You didn't help today! And I lost the battle, but I will win the WAR! We really should win the pool. Lol..

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2003-12-04 13:15 (link)
Wow Jessica Is happy??????????????????

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2003-12-04 18:20 (link)
Yeah... Is that such a shocker?

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