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The Beautiful Mistake (noloveleftxo) wrote,
@ 2003-02-28 16:41:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:Sparta-wiretap scars

    forget me love, for there is nothing left to give
    Last nite Nick and I had a fight.. He's a prick. That's all I'm going to comment on that.. If I say more I'll just get really pissed.. Right now I would rather be in the presence of Ryan than that stupid fucker Nick.. Anyways.. Enough of that.. Today was shit.. I had to sit through that dumb Cosmo Fest.. Our school is soo fucking ghetto.. Pardon the language.. I was looking for this kid Doug was talking about in the yearbook and I read what everyone had written to me.. Everyone from crew had written something to the effect of, "Stay with Jared" "He's a good guy" blah blah blah.. And I know that it's all true.. Jared and I were having a strange conversation last nite.. I need to explain a lot to him so he can better understand me.. Everything is so fucked up right now.. Everyone is sick or just horrible.. I don't want to go back to school.. Sitting in my room and stare at the walls is more appealing than school. Tomorrow I go shopping YAY! Then to Liesel's b-day party.. I will probably be the only tradition girl there.. Great. Someone shoot me now..
    Andrew Soom gave me a ride home.. That was scary.. Thankfully Meg was in the car.. He ate a leaf today... Thanks to Megan.. It was great.. Catman is a prick..

    <3 always and forever

    What is love?

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2003-03-02 12:18 (link)
I think you should follow your heart even though it sounds gay. So what these arent the guys for you. There are plunty more. Just come out with Nikki and Ill introduce you to some nice guys. Dont fret pet over silly little high school boyz( because thats all they are) WE WILL PRIVAIL! I promise! I love you!

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2003-03-02 14:12 (link)
lol i hope so.. we will prevail... im just sick and tired of his crap... i deserve better... i dont need a boyfriend im happy and content alone... just if we try and meet guys.. it better not be at a show!

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2003-03-03 13:00 (link)
O god please no not at shows..weirdo...anyways i lov ya and come over this coming up weekend.....ttyl

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