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The Beautiful Mistake (noloveleftxo) wrote,
@ 2003-04-03 16:19:00
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2003-04-03 22:02 (link)
"I love you Jessica, but I think you're a slut like me" Nothing wrong with that!! NOPE! HAH! I am SO jealous Jessica that you have such a supportive friend, who is just so darned sweet. I know my world would be so happy if all my friends called me an attention whore, but then right after said they love me because they're the same way. The world would be right indeed...
Personally Nikki, I think you need a new personallity, I'm sure you like the annoying, slutty one a lot, but I'm afraid it doesn't go over well when you're trying to show support for your friends. Does Jessica ever tell you "You're just with Matt for the physical shit, you lonely bitch, you." NOPE! I think not. Because, well, she's not a bitch like that. I would like to award you with the "Most Likely To Become a Prostitute or Stripper" award. Fuck friends if they're gonna be like you.
Jessica, don't listen to her... She's an idiot. Who insults music like it'll make somebody cry that she doesn't like their music.

Your Buddy, DOUG :/
PS - Make sure to tell her to read this one Jessica.

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Re: Gyahahaha
2003-04-04 19:28 (link)
lol doug

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