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Nokomis (nokomis) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 20:23:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Tool- Schism

    I'll try to not ramble too much about OotP in this post.

    I've felt awful all day today. I have a sore throat. In June. It boggles the mind, especially since I had not one icky sinus day all spring OR fall. My sunburn's all better, though, and is not a nice tan which contrasts oh so nicely with my pale back and shoulders. I also have a shorts tan like that's severe enough to look like I'm wearing thigh-highs. It's very sad. Went to visit a friend of my mom's, her daughter had open heart surgery not too long ago. That's a little scary, especially since she's only fifteen. But she's doing well.

    I started to re-read OotP today, though i haven't gotten all that far. I have decided that Mundungas and Arabella are indeed as cool as I thought after the first read. Nothing to not like there.

    I did have a really good dinner today: roast beef and green beans and pasta salad.

    Not rambling about OotP is just not working. I'll let my ramble out now. I. want. more. Draco. and. Narcissa.

    I think, that out of everything in that book, from the Death to the new wizarding locations to even the great Neville-ness and the new characters, what grabbed my attention the most was the Black family. I am utterly dying to know more about Narcissa and Bellatrix and Andromeda. I mean, what does Draco know about his family? He never indicated, during the entire thing about Sirius Black's escape in PoA, that he was related to him. Does he know that his mother's sister married a Mudblood? Has he met Tonks? Did Bellatrix come by to visit over the summer, meeting her nephew? Wouldn't that be one terrible family reunion?

    Another thing that grabbed me was Draco's inability to see the thestrals. How innocent is this boy? He's oh so childish, above all else, in this book. I mean, he sat around thinking up the song 'Weasley is our King' while his daddy was running around doing the Dark Lord's bidding. And why did he try to attack Harry on the train, of all places? And why is jinxing him and Crabbe and Goyle like that in the end so very acceptable, but had it been the Slytherins to turn the Gryffindors into something like that it would be interpreted as evil? Is this something along today's standards that having Black Entertainment TV is hunky dory, but if someone tried to start White Entertainment TV it would be racist and wrong? (Other than the fact that the initials would be 'WET') Why are the Good Guys and Snape being developed and made into real people, while the bad guys are being left behind in 2D land, where they will most likely die a sad and unmourned death, which will probably be celebrated by the so-called good guys? If JKR is really trying to show that war is never cut and dried, and that people can be wrong, and that both sides honestly believe they are right (otherwise they would never attempt to stage a war, because belief is, at the root, the thing that really starts wars, not power-hungry dictators or senseless deaths at their hands), then why are the 'bad guys' never being shown in any sort of light to reflect this? Why are they just stereotypical Villians and Bad Guys and Thugs and Little Snots? Why can't they be brilliant or be shown as truly believing in something or shown in any sort of light other than, 'and he was mean because he could be'??


    My only hope is that as Harry matures, he will grow to realize that no one is purely good or evil. That he will show in the narrative that the Slytherins and Death Eaters are people too. That everyone has their beliefs. That's the root of what the Sorting Hat song was about, even though the characters seemed purposely blind to this. They might have socialized with Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, but they generally avoided the Slytherins.

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2003-06-25 00:35 (link)
I hope you are feeling better!! There is nothing worse than a cold during the summer.

I'm hearing ya on the Black family relations. It does make you wonder just how much does Draco know about his family. I somehow doubt that Lucius would really allow him to know too much about the aunt that married a muggle. I can't say that he ever knew Auntie Bellatrix because she has been in Azakaban most of his life. I'm not sure exactly when she went in, I'm assuming sometime in 1981 so he was less than a year old at that point. And with Lucius trying to show a respectable face to the public that relation might never have been mentioned. It simply wouldn't look good advertise that your wife's sister is most definitely a Death Eater, especially when you're trying to keep out of prison yourself for the same thing. But that is what Lucius would probably do, but what Narcissa does when he's not around is another thing altogether.

What interests me is that Kreacher went to Narcissa because she married pureblood - what role did she have in that. Did she go straight to Lucius, was Lucius there, or did he over hear. Questions, questions and more questions. I desperately want to know more about her. She married a very dark wizard, not sure if she realized it then or not. It is obvious she's worked hard to shelter her only (that we know of) child and she and Lucius have managed to spoil him rotten. I think Draco is innocent in a lot of ways - I mean he is still afraid of the Forbidden Forest at 15 and he couldn't see the thestrals thus proving he hasn't witnessed death. And considering he lives in a household with Lucius Malfoy that is no small feat. Also he's terrible at dueling - never able to get to his wand in time - I mean even Ginny gets in on the act of hexing him. He can never catch a break.

Draco is very childish, petty even. He lashes out verbally, but he's all talk really. I think he's still angered by Harry turning down is offer for friendship in favor of Ron in the first year. He's used to getting his way and reacts badly when he doesn't. I also think he's not all that privy to everything that goes on with his father. I mean he asked about the Chamber, but Lucius refused to tell him anything. I'm sure he knows some things, but not enough to realize just how deeply Lucius is into this mess. I think Lucius going to Azakaban will be a major wake up call for Draco.

I think all the 'evil' characters will remain 2D because it is from Harry's pov and that is just how he sees the world. Unless Draco comes over to the light side, he'll probably remain a petty, bitter little boy whose father is now rotting in prison. I still think there is hope for him, I really do. I mean James Potter was way worse than Draco has ever dreamed of being, yet he's beloved by all (well almost all) that knew him. Snape went as evil as he could possibly go, but managed to find his way back. So I am thinking that maybe there is hope for Draco after all. I honestly believe there is much more about Narcissa and Sirius being cousins than JKR is letting on for right now. But alas, we must wait for book six.

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2003-06-25 14:05 (link)
I am feeling better today, thanks. :)

I thought that Kreacher went to Narcissa because she was the last one of the family he had respect for. (I'm not sure what Bellatrix did to lose the respect of the houseelf, but that's a different discussion.) Though the book never says, I assumed that she told Lucius or even Voldemort about Sirius's loyalties to Harry. From everything revealed in this book, I'm assuming that Narcissa is not the nice sort of woman at all. In fact, I think that she may be more intelligent than her sister Bellatrix, because she has never been caught or even really been suspected (that we know) of supporting Voldemort, despite being married to a known Death Eater. In fact, she may be sheltering Draco as a means to keep her innocent facade in the wizarding world. The people who come in contact with him would assume that he is being coddled and spoilt, and is really not the dark wizard type, so therefore at least one of his parents are good.

I'm really feeling for Draco in this book. The possibility came to my mind that he may be acting, and that his fear of the Forbidden Forest and inability to see thestrals and his childish behavior is just a front, because he hasn't managed to mature any over the progress of the books, but that really isn't a likely scenario. The sad truth is that my honey bunny Draco is nothing more that a childish, spoiled brat who, until now, has really had no idea of what's been going down around him. I certainly hope that he matures in book 6 (because he really will be having a wake up call, no matter how soon Lucius gets out of prison) but it doesn't seem likely at all.

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2003-06-25 23:35 (link)
I agree that Narcissa probably isn't the kindest person in the world, but I think she has her moments of weakness - Draco to sum up. I see her a lot like Sirius' parents. Agreeing with Voldemort, but actually not throwing herself into the fray. I think she stayed out of it for Draco, so he'd have one parent around in case something bad went down. And now, it has and I'm dying to see the fallout. There is going to be some Malfoy dirty laundry aired in a courtroom somewhere!!!

And yes, for the forseeable future Draco will remain a whining, childish, petty little brat who covers up his insecurties and lack of knowledge by being as nasty has he can possibly be. Hopefully he will do a lot of growing up this summer out from under Lucius' thumb.

I'm interested to see if and how Lucius can squirm out of this mess. He did it once before, but that was before his relations were well known and he wasn't caught red handed.

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