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Nokomis (nokomis) wrote,
@ 2003-06-15 18:03:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:AC/DC can be heard from the other room.

    I (finally) got the Rumrunner chapter written. Woo hoo! Now to finish up SB...

    Am very amused because my dad lectured my cousin because she's going to a gay bar to watch a drag queen show tonight. He keeps telling her she's gonna get drugged there, because it's on the bad side of town. She's like 'Nuh-uh!" My mom keeps telling my dad, "She's a grown woman, you know." (She just turned 28). It's very funny. This is the same cousin who went to a strip club with her husband. She said watching the guys there was very funny. *dies laughing* She just came in and told my dad that she'd solved the problem- My mom was going with her. He just was like, "No." I adore my family.

    On a completely different topic, I just can't wait to get OotP. I finished reading GoF this morning. I'm completely antsy about getting to read OotP. Friday is a decade away, it feels like. My reading list has dwindeled- I haven't yet gotten to McKays, and have finished the last of my Terry Pratchett books. I think I may have a Stephen King book stuck away somewhere I haven't read yet. And then, July 15, the new Janet Evanovich book comes out. Yippie! Can't wait to see how her car's going to bite the dust in that one.

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2003-06-15 22:47 (link)
Yaya Rumrunner chapter is complete!! Wheee!!! I know how much you wanted to get it out of the way. I can't wait to read it. *desperately refraining from comment on desire to see next SB chapter*

Drag shows are the BEST!!! There is a club here that does a Sunday brunch that is so much fun. The funny part is 90% of the audience for this is straight women. Something about gay men and straight women. I've been to gay clubs because the music is better and there is little chance of getting hit on. It's a beautiful thing.

How can you read at a time like this?? I can't get into anything. The anticipation is about to kill me. Blah! I keep looking at my Artemis Fowl books (totally rockin' read - Butler rox my sox), but I can't. I just can't. *Ponders whether she should read her British GOF instead* If you need any suggestions for good reads - I'm quite good make suggestions. While my bf was in Germany studying for a year I supplied him with reading material (mind you he's not really a reader and hates HP - I'm reconsidering him at the moment) and he said I had the best tastes in reading materials. I read just about everything under the sun...

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2003-06-15 23:57 (link)
lol, nice job of refraining. Hey, I've been stressing over that Rumrunner chapter for weeks. I think I'm doing pretty good on the SB chapter. Except, fo course, the fact that it is not yet completed. But it's getting there. But, yeah. Rumrunner'll be up as soon as it gets beta'd.

I've never been to a gay club. Call me deprived. Guys in drag is never not fun, though. My high school had an obsession with it- every entertainment event included at least one popular boy in a dress. Most humorous of them all was the time that big hairy football player wore a French maid's outfit. *snickers*

Reading's how I'm dealing with the anticipation. (Funny story- I was reading Hard Eight, a Janet Evanovich book, this evening outside. Grandparents came over. I left the book on the table while I made my papaw a glass of ice water. I came back, my mamaw's reading the first page of the book. She gives me odd look. First sentence of the book:Lately, I've spent a lot of time rolling around on the ground with men who think a stiffy represents personal growth. It goes on to amend that statement into bond enforcement rather than sex, but tis still a humorous situation.)

Oh, recommend books away. I like dark things. I'm always looking for new brilliant books! I sometimes feel like there's nothing 'Oh my God! great" out there anymore, but I know that just isn't true. I'm just not looking in the right places.

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2003-06-16 11:28 (link)
I thought you'd appreciate the restraint since I've been poking you to finish it for a while now.

A good gay club is the best! I haven't been in a while...might have to make it a night out.....

Okay if you want to read something dark and twisted read Cabal or Thief of Always by Clive Barker. Really anything by him is dark and twisted, but those two rank at the very top. Necroscope by Brian Lumley is a great, dark vampire tale. I'm not usually one for the vampires world domination novels (I'm more a classical vamp gal), but I really got into that series. He does some very interesting things with vampire lore instead of ignoring it, probably why I like it so much. Robert McCammon's Swan Song is very much like Stephen King's The Stand, but I personally think it is better. That is saying a lot since I rank Stephen King one of my all time favorite writers. If you're into werewolves, Dennis Danver's Wilderness is a fab read. If you know of any good werewolf novels let me know - I'm always on the lookout.

That's all I got for right now - I'm operating on some 3 hours of sleep. I had to get up to take my car for inspection and an oil change (dear Merlin my mechanic is hot) and I've yet to crawl back in bed :P

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2003-06-16 12:27 (link)
Ooh, thanks for the books. :)

Good werewolf books? There's Donna Boyd's The Passion. It has a sequesl, but I haven't read it yet, so I don't know how good it is. Annette Curtis Klause's Blood and Chocolate, which is YA but still a good book. And Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's The Godforsaken is really good- about a werewolf who's a prince during the Spanish Inquisition.

A hot mechanic? Lucky girl...

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2003-06-16 14:44 (link)
MmM werewolf books...good ones are so few and far between. I will have to look into those the next time I'm in a bookstore and it isn't the evening of June 20th. I might make a trip this week after work. I'm somehow doubt we'd have any of those books at work. Now I wanted the German folklore that Washington Irving nicked to create the Legend of the Sleepy Hollow that would another matter altogether.

Yes, Kris is hot. I actually stood in the garage with his wife and talked about how hot he is. He's tall, redneck, black spikey hair, goatee, dark brown eyes, covered in grease. Yeah baby. Naturally...he's married with two kids. His oldest son is like 10 or so - dead ringer for his father. He's going to be a little heartbreaker.

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