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colline (noemolove83) wrote,
@ 2003-09-27 01:43:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:2000 miles mest

    ok now lock your doors and get outta this area
    so tonite was so fun we ( me, anna, danny, and harry) went to philly on a pretendo double date....and we were driving there and i was like soo scared going over the bridge b/c im a little scardey cat but the phillies game had fireworks and danny was like isnt this such a great date we give you fireoworks and everything ... so that made me feel a lil better about being on a bridge. then we drove around looking for genos and finally found it and had cheese steaks...then we left at 11:50 i had to be in by 12 then we get to the car and leave and get lost that was fun so finally after like 30 mins of deadends and one way streets we find the bridge (ugh i hate that thing) then we get back to the mall parking lot to get annas car and we ended up standing there talkin till 1 am and im now and hour late....which i dont really care about but we told mommy the clock was wrong....she was angry......ohh it was a fun nite except for the bad memories of harry beating me with a club frosh and PUPPIES.....

    danny-hey who touched my butt
    me-it was harry

    ok well im gonna go talk to drew now b/c hes sooooo hoTT and hes my boyfriend and you wish you could have him but you cant.

    ohh and yes danny he treats me very nice dont worry hes a good kid good kid.....

    ok well lets see were the next adventure leads us'll have to tune back to see.

    muah kids

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