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River Flores (noconformity) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 09:30:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:COLDPLAY - Parachutes (first album)

    I'm a fucking lazy beatch
    Obviously I haven't updated this in a long time and my writings have been shit lately but the beauty of this is it never leaves and you can always depend on it, unless you get kicked off, forget your password, lose the internet or some fat woman named Helena jumps on your fingers and breaks them.

    So I really have no excuse for my slacker ways. But in the past two or three weeks I watched Dick's house for a week and that ruled, until i got their basement infested with flies, sorry i have no fucking clue what i did. Then i developed an infatuation with a certain unfortunate female, which was the first one for me in about a year. Yeah i dated since then but never really felt the emotions of confusions, excitement, and possibilites. This little "crush" or whatever was ended last night after i got really drunk. Now looking at it in high sight, I know it's for the best. Why do females fuck with my perfectly unsound mind anyway? I hate myself for writing this next part and every man that reads this is going to wanna kick my ass but i have to say that this little flashlight girl knocked me into the present and allowed me to want to be more in the current state than my seattle dreams. Whenever someone allows me to be here and now and not away before i am really blows my mind. Well best of luck to her, she's a great woman and i hope all her dreams come true.

    Ahhh now it's time to pass the tissue box


    nicotine, valium, vicadin, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol........ C.CC.CCOCANE

    It's sunday morning at target. I work one sunday morning a month and the only thing that gets me through the day is the two hours of breakfeast with beatles. Sunday mornings are always really slow and there usually isn't much stuff to do, so from 9 a.m til 11 a.m John, Paul, George, and Ringo set my crazy mind at ease and prepare me for a hellish day of bitchy people that swarm in after church (ironic but true). So the Beatles set played is amazing.... revolution, instant karma, and so many ass kickers and tear jerkers. Then to end, the two hours of bliss the play Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band a rocking tone and a great one to end with but half way through the song this 15 year old customer turns to her friend or sister and says "Okay this has to go" and then procedures to turn off the radio. WHAT THE FUCK BITCH! (typical female thing to do) So i'm a little mad so jokingly i go over to her and say "hey don't hate on the beatles" she says nothing but looks at me like i have a bike horn protruding from my skull. What is wrong with the youth of our generation. This is the fucking beatles. I can see if i was playing CKY or the streets but not the greatness and golden beauty of the beatles. I don't know i guess i'm a bitter old music fan who is slowly facing the truth that no group will ever even come close to what the beatles did.

    Well i'm lost and hopeless looking back at my travels seeing that i never knew where i was going. Waiting for someone to set me free but i know that person isn't you and i know you're not looking for me. No kiss goodbye but I'll shake your hand and know that oneday you made me happy and i made you think. I'm turning around and not looking back, holding my head high and my dreams even higher.


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bigger than jesus
2003-08-01 10:57 (link)
breakfast with the beatles got me thru many a sunday morning at substation II

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