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Chrissy (nobodyzangel77) wrote,
@ 2004-07-20 14:38:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:All cried out ~allure ft. 112

    Just another day
    nothin real special has gone on since I wrote in here yesterday. I came over my dads to do laundry and stayed the night. Ricky came and got me for a little bit last night. I found out that he went up to the strip club to get a couple of "drinks". So he says anyways. He lied to me though cuz yesterday when he dropped me off he told me he wasn't goin up there cuz he didn't have the money. Well he went anyways and when I got in the truck he had sprayed alot of cologne. I asked him why and he said cuz he didn't want to smell like a girl. i was like i thought you didn't have the money. he said that all he did was get a couple of drinks and palyed pool then when he was going to leave one of the girls wrapped her arms around him. I was like What. He said the girl was like "ricky". I said that is pretty damn bad that the girls already know his name. Thats a sign that he goes up there to damn much. Anyways we got into it. Today I got up and ate me something. My dad just left to go to the doctor. He is really sick. I think he has the flu or something. But I am gonna go. buh byez

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