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Cathy Leddy (nobodysbaby21) wrote,
@ 2003-09-12 13:28:00
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    Today is our first pep rally. i am so excited. i am scared though of the thought of us not being able to get our liberties or our heel stretches or even just the extensions in our cheer. Last night at practice we were all fighting and crying and it just sucked really bad. i thought that i was going to die because we do this hitch pyramid, and Missy puts her left leg into rachels hand and amber puts her right leg into rachels other hand.... well, missy's side fell, bethany and rachel wento the right with her, and ambers very unsturdy extension walked to the side. then when we went to cradle, i couldn't step back because we didn't give her enough of a pop so she cam e crashing down on my head, and my head ended up squished between her butt and the floor. the Missy's heel stretch was wobbly and she cam down on my head too. in that very same stunt, i got punched in the face by the girl that bases with me, Dana Baker. Then i went home last night and cried all night. But anyway in our cheer there are four extensions and one of the varsity stunt groups cant get it to go up and its going to be extension, extension, prep, extension. i am kind of scared of how that is going to look, and the pep rally itself is going to be very short, so im not

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2003-09-12 23:43 (link)
made a new journal on me, eh? thanks. whore. no just kidding.

do you know who this is?

i'm your stalker....

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2003-10-10 13:56 (link)
what the hell
who is this seriously?? that is very uhhh different

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