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Nichole Monique (noappologies) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 17:56:00
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    Hey Hey Hey!
    OK Xfest was amazing! Igot there at 7 am and left at put 1 and 1 together and you get 2 I was there all day. I took Cody, Patty and Georgia. Everyone got split up by the time we all went to second after the music started we all were split up. I was smashed against the baracade from 1:50 in the afternoon until 7:?? something that night. It was crazy madness. I loved it. I got awesome pictures of Mudvayne and Powerman 5000. I have 2 pictures of SR71. The drummer was amazing! Yep. I met a few new ppl. I met Jared(from Muncie), Drew (from INDY) and Jake. I am not sure where Jake was from, but he was really good looking. My boyfriend was there but he acted like he did not know me. Kevin, my best friend, was there and he hung with me for a bit. Aaron was there as well...he and I talked a bit. Jenna and Issia were there. Kenny was there. Josh, Mike, Kelsea, Jesse, Josh George and Beth are the ppl I hung with for all of main stage. Oh and that Jared guy he walked around with us. We had a good time. I am really glad that I got with Mike and JOsh. I am going to there house this weekend. We are all going to have fun. Anywho Durning Godsmack Mike, Josh Kelsea, Josh George, Beth, Jesse, Jared and I Jumpped the seats and went down to lower was awesome! Well if you wanna see my pics from Xfest just let me know and I will show them to you. I am so happy I did not hurt my ribs anymore...but I did fracture my sternem.(however you spell it) Yep and I was really black and blue. BUt that is all good. I will write more laters. I have more concerts and life things to write about. Laters.

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